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Dana Dental – The address of single, full-jaw Implant in Da Nang with prestige, quality, and reasonable price is chosen by a large number of customers. With a team of experienced, well-trained doctors and the most modern equipment. Dana Dental – Confidently bring customers Healthy – Beautiful – Perfect teeth!

Dental Implant is the perfect solution to restore the loss of one or more teeth. The use of titanium artificial roots implanted in the jaw bone will help limit bone loss. At the same time, ensure chewing function and aesthetics for teeth.

Is dental implant painful? Are the implants durable? Complications of Implants? What are the standards to choose a reputable and quality dental clinic for implant in Da Nang? All of the above questions will be answered in detail and through the article below.

What is Dental Implants and which cases should get a dental implant?

Dental Implant surgery is a method of implantation of a metal post which constructed of titanium and the shape like screws. It is implanted directly into the jaw bone to replace a previously lost root. And it have the role as a real root tooth to help support the upper false tooth through a joint on the top.

trồng răng implant tại đà nẵng

What is Dental Implant Prosthesis?

This is also a new dental prosthesis and is quite common in developed countries. And increasingly used in Vietnam in recent years. And to do this, the doctor will perform surgery to place the Implant into the jawbone. The aim is to replace the old root part.

Cases in which should be Implanted

  • In case if you have damaged teeth that need to be extracted, it is best to extract it as soon as possible because the pathologies of the teeth causes jaw bone resorption very quick and should be extracted with special techniques to avoid damaging the alveolar bone. When teeth loss, there is an optimal solution that planting Implant as soon as possible, avoiding more jaw bone loss.
  • When the periodontitis make teeth cannot hold, or cannot be good hygiene, it must be quickly extracted to avoid infection and widespread bone loss, after extraction, it can placethe Implant immediately, or if there is too much bone shortage, bone grafting should be performed at the time while extracting to proceed to implant placement after a few months.
  • In other hand,it has gaps due to extraction of teeth for a long time, it is certain that difficulty cleaning your teeth and food will stick gaps when there are no teeth, making it easier for the bacteria to grow quickly and cause bad breath.
  • For the cases of teeth loss that the patients recovers with dentures or porcelain bridges, it is still not possible to prevent bone resorption, not only that but also affecting the remaining real teeth, so the implant surgery will be completely able to overcome these problems.

In general, when you lose a single tooth or multiple teeth, choosing the implant method is the right thing to do to restore lost teeth, not only to recover the aesthetics and function of the teeth but also to limit the disadvantages of old methods of growing teeth, giving you the most perfect new false teeth.

If you’re still wondering and have a lot of questions to decide whether or not you should have an Implant, check out the end of the article or click Here

Advantages of Dental Implant

The implant method was born as a great achievement in dentistry. It offers many outstanding advantages, deserving of being the most effective and quality dental prosthesis available today. The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • Ensuring chewing function: Implant make it comfortable for users to eat and drink. It feels as good as a real tooth.
  • Aesthetics as well as real teeth: After planting a tooth, it is very difficult to distinguish between real and fake teeth. The implant has a sophisticated technique, the natural color of which resembles the real teeth.
  • Avoid bone resorption: If you lose your teeth for a long time, it can cause bone resorption. An Implant will be the best way to prevent this condition.
  • Confidence and aesthetics: Implant does not bring impression as loose and entangled as traditional dentures. It helps customers feel comfortable when chewing, enjoying dishes,…
cấy ghép implant tại đà nẵng
Dental Implant – The most effective and quality dental prosthesis available

Dental Implants solutions for people with fully edentuluos in Da Nang city

In the past, when many teeth were lost or fully edentulous, the customer often used the traditional dentures. The advantages of it are fast treatment time, low cost but with huge disadvantages of looseness, low ability to restore chewing function and cause quickly bone resorption.

Full jaw implant using the All-on-4 (All-on-Four) or All-on-6 (All-on-Six) implant technique is considered a modern method of growing teeth, which helps restore the ability to chew, aesthetically effective for people who have lost full of  teeth, lack of bone in the posterior area.

What is the All on – 4 or All on – 6 Implant?

All on 4 or All on 6 Full Jaw Implant is the most advanced solution currently evaluated when restoring the loss of multiple teeth, loss full of teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

All-on-4 or All-on-6 replace all missing teeth by implanting 4 or 6 Implant posts in each jaw. Implanted posts serve as true roots that support an Acrylic or Composite or a porcelain crown fixed on a CAD/CAM Titanium bar.

Suitable subjects for full jaw implants technique

  • People with fully edentulous, bone resorption.
  • People with maxillary or mandibular tooth loss.
  • With severe periodontitis, full mouth extraction is required.
  • People who have fully edentulous but are not healthy enough to transplant multiple Implant pillars.
  • People who want to find highly effective dental prosthesis methods, saving time and cost of treatment.

Advantages of Full jaw dental implants

full jaw implants in da nang viet nam

Full jaw dental implants is trusted by many people to choose today because of its outstanding advantages such as:

  • Reasonable cost: If the old full jaw dental restorations had to use multiple Implant pillars on arch (8 – 10 teeth), this method would only require implanting 4 or 6 Implant pillars, which would save costs but still provide the same effect.
  • Restores the ability to eat and chew like real teeth, helping you feel the full taste of your favorite foods.
  • Retrieving the aesthetics of the teeth and face because full restoration of the number of teeth on the arch, the crown is identical to the real teeth, ensuring the natural and harmony on the face.
  • There is no need for bone grafting because when making an Implant, the Implant pillars will be implanted into the incisor area. This is the site with the least resorption when jaw bone loss.
  • The treatment time is quick, limit the pain.
  • Implant’s life expectancy is high, which can be everlasting maintained if good oral care and hygiene.
  • Prosthetic teeth can be removed for repair or cleaned by going to the dental clinic to open the screw (periodically 1 – 2 years/time).
  • Cosmetic prosthesis for gingival resorption by the same color plastic jaw base with real gingival color. It could be pink resin or pink porcelain which makes fake gums.

Full jaw Impant or Full mouth dental implant is an extremely difficult technique and requires a lot of expertise. At Dana Dental, the single implant and full jaw implants is done by Dr. Pham Minh Tuan himself.

Dr. Tuan is a specialist in dental implants and Minor Surgery. He used to be a professional director in a branch of the very famous Saigon Dentistry System in the south. The professional fanpage of  Dr.Tuan is also followed and discussed by many doctors. Below are some cases of full jaw implants performed by Dr. Tuan himself:

The full jaw implants wound image was very carefully sutured and healed very well after only 7 days (Figure 1) and after 3 months (Figure 2)


Another clinical case of all on 5 – full jaw implants of Dr. Tuan is done very neatly, solving all problems that exist in the mouth.

Share a little bit about the expertise of Dr. Tuan mentioned: Inserting a full jaw implants is not simply inserting 4 – 6 implant pillars and then making teeth on it. It is a process of thinking and practicing so that there is enough keratinized gingiva around the implant, the most optimal implant insertion direction for the prosthesis upwards, choosing the insertion position so that the most minimal intervention, carefully and discreetly stitching the wound to quickly heal the most surgical area,… and many other factors are decision for the success of a case of full jaw implants in Da Nang city.

Evaluation criteria of the prestigious Dental Implant in Da Nang city?

It is a modern method with many advantages, but not all dentists and doctors can do it. In case you choose a disreputable dental clinic, not commit the quality and transparency, you are vulnerable to risks of health damage. Therefore, this solution must be implemented at the prestigious and specialized Dental Clinic with a team of highly skilled doctors with the support of modern equipment to ensure the safety, efficiency and success as expectation and ensure many benefits for customers.

Dental clinic has an operating license and specializes in implant

The operating license is the first of the criteria for evaluating quality implant services in Da Nang city. This is a requirement that any reputable dental clinic must satisfy, demonstrating quality recognition by an inspection organization.

Many normal Dental facilities do not meet the conditions and undercover operations that customers do not know. When choose these dentistry, customers may contract various risks related to health and finance.

In Da Nang city more and more dental facilities are opened and go into service. However, only a few reputable clinics that meet the conditions of equipment and treatment quality will receive operating licenses from the Ministry of Public Health. These are the addresses where customers can have their faith in the quality of dental implant services.

Currently, there are many dental clinics in Da Nang city where have dental implant services. Inserting implants is not as easy as extracting or filling teeth. Therefore, you should look for clinics where specialize in dental implant or a team of experienced doctors who will handle all situations that may occur during implant surgery.

Support from 3D Cone beam CT scanner

It is very important because also a decisive part of the surgery’s results.Only 3D Cone Beam CT scanner can consider the shinrikage of jaw bone resorption, evaluate the neighboring anatomical structures, thereby choosing the suitable Implant pillars and correct directions. Conventional X-ray will not be able to do any of these things, so it’s very dangerous.

phòng chụp x quang tại dana dental - nha khoa đà nẵng

Image of radiograph room is well invested, full of the most modern equipment for dental implant process

Doctor’s consultation is clear and easy to understand

Whether a doctor is good and dedicated or not, we can also feel the way that they advise according to the needs of the patients. It means at least they will specifically analyze our condition, which may be the reasons for the teeth loss, the reasons for jaw bone loss, the procedures that will require additional intervention during implant surgery…

The style of work of doctors must be professional. Doctors will listen to our need for rational advice, not make us do it although it’s very self-opinionated.

Have good reviews from other customers

If you don’t even believe in yourself, go to the forums to see how others rate the dental office where you intend to do. It can be the most objective opinions from the customers themselves, not PR or advertising.

Besides, customers can also use facebook or the website to see the actual images and how  the doctors who did the implant surgery.

Appropriate costs, good support policies

In fact, it is not cheap to place implant, so in addition to finding a safe place to do it, we should also pay attention to the price. Ask if the price they gave you is all-in price or not,cost overrunor not. There are many dental ads with a lot of discounts but then charge more costs of many kinds,… in addition, they are more expensive.

Dana Dental – Number 1 Clinic for Dental Implants in Da Nang city

To choose for yourself an address to grow quality Dental Implants in Da Nang city, Dana Dental will be the perfect choice for you. Because we fully meet the following factors:

Team of doctors, equipment

Dana Dental is fully equipped with modern machines and equipment. From there, ensure safe and effective implant surgery implementation.

100% of the Doctors at Dana Dental are fully qualified, specialists graduated from Odonto-Stomatology of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy; they are awarded a practice certificate with at least 5 years of intensive experience in dental implant.

Doctors are always up to date with the latest knowledges. The customers will be made with the most advanced technologies. You can keep your mind on using the services, minimizing the number of cases of inflammation.

bác sĩ trồng răng implant giỏi tại đà nẵng

Good and experienced doctor perform Dental Implants in at Dana Dental Da Nang city

Consultation process for a careful Clinical Pathway

At Dana Dental, you will be visited directly by Dr. Tuan with high expertise in Implant by using modern equipment. From there, the doctor will provide the most appropriate treatment directions and specific treatment costs.

Your clinical pathway is also implemented using modern 3D software such as Implant Studio that closely monitors the implant process. Each client has a specialized treatment plan, which is insured suitability to the health condition, economic conditions and time requirements.

Implant Material

Dana Dental – Specialty Dental Implant in Da Nang city is committed to 100% of implant pillars are imported genuine products, have clear origin and ensure quality standards licensed by the Department of Public Health.


Possessing state-of-the-art technologies, Dana Dental will minimize invade hard and soft tissue. From there, the wound heals faster and adheres to the root of the tooth. Experienced doctors insert the implants in the right place. Avoiding having to do it again causes pain, long-term healing.

The cost of treatment is transparent, no additional costs are incurred.

Dana Dental guarantees the publicity of the treatment’s cost and undertakes not to incur additional costs. You can follow and find out the cost on the dental communication channels before visiting in person. At the same time, Dana Dental always has a variety of promotions available to customers. From these programs, customers can save some of the cost.

Dental Implant Process at Dana Dental in Da Nang city

The procedure of growing implants at Dana Dental is carried out according to the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The doctor check-up the client’s oral condition. Then advise on the treatment plan as well as the issues of growing implant to let the patients understand.

khám tổng quát trước khi điều trị

General examination and consultation on issues related to the implant process

Step 2: CT scan to assess the condition and structure of the jaw bone

The next step is a 3D CT scan to check the height and width of the jaw bone at the location of the missing tooth. From there, plan the treatment and select the Implant pillar. If the jaw bone is not eligible for implant placement, bone grafting, sinus lifting, neural tube moving,… will be performed.

Step 3: Pre-implant Preparation

Oral hygiene, clean plaque, periodontitis treatment (if any) before growing Implant. Use a mouthwash containing Chlorhexidine to sanitize the oral cavity. Perform some other checks such as:

  • Check the patient for blood pressure and cardiovascular disease and perform some other related tests.
  • Take prophylactic antibiotics before surgery.

*** This step is important to make a positive contribution tosuccess rate of implant surgery .

Step 4: Proceed to Implant

The doctor inject anesthesia on the site to be implanted first. Then, the doctor open the flap,  membrane subcision to reveal the jaw bone. Next, drill the bone to the specified size, then insert the Implant pillar into the correct position of the hole. Finally, close the flap and suture the wound.

đặt implant vào trong xương hàm

Drill the bone to the specified size, then insert the Implant pillar into the correct position of the hole

** * The above processes are carried out between 10-15 minutes. However, depending on the difficulty or the complexity of each case.

Step 5: Crown or bridge prosthesis on Implant

By the usual post-implant appointment of 3-6 months – the Implant pillar has been successfully integrated into the jaw bone to form a robust prosthetic root. The doctor proceeded to attach the porcelain crown to the post through the abutment joint. Porcelain crowns you can choose are: Zirconia, Cercon, Titanium,… permanently attached on the Implant with natural color and completely similar to the real teeth.

In some cases, inserting the finished implant pillar can make a porcelain dental prosthesis immediately, which means that after 3 – 5 days, you will eat normally. The professional term is “Immediate Prosthesis”, this method is only really used by professionals and doctors who specialize in dental implants. At Dana Dental, all implant-intensive techniques can be performed very gently.

How much is dental implants at Dana Dental in Da Nang city?

The price of Implant will depend on the following basic factors:

Implant brand: Depending on each company you choose, there will be different prices. Usually, the price of the implant is from 8,000,000 VND to 20,000,000 VND .

Abutment material: ranges from 3,000,000 VND to 10,000,000 VND depending on the material. Especially Abutment with Zirconia coating for the group of incisors that need high aesthetics.

Porcelain crowns above: Base metal porcelain crowns on implants only from 1,500,000VND to 2,500,000VND. Premium type such as all-ceramic crowns of German Vita Implant are 5,000,0000VND , Cercon porcelain crowns are 6,000,000VND,…

The cost of implant also depends on the oral condition of each person, the number of teeth to replace, the care, warranty,etc. After the visit, check-up, depending on the condition and the specific requirements of the patients, the doctor will advise the treatment plan and the most reasonable cost.

Implant Price List of Dana Dental

The price of dental implants at Dana Dental is neither cheap nor expensive. It is suitable and commensurate to high-end materials, modern machines serving customers during treatment. Beside that, the services and the space is 5-star standard, the high skilled doctors and specialists from Ho Chi Minh city with more than 10 years of experience. And there are many things that when customers come to us, they can only compliment us on our services.

The cost varies depending on your medical condition, your jaw bone condition. You can refer to the price list below:

Price list of Dental Implant

Service Price (VND) Unit
Hiossen, Dio, Neo Biotech, Dentium Implant Package – Korea 16.000.000 1 Implant
ETK, Tekka Implant Package – France 20.000.000 1 Implant
Straumann, SIC, Nobel Biocare Implant Package – Switzerland 35.000.000 1 Implant
Dana Basic Full Jaw Implants Package 120.000.000 1 Jaw
Dana Advanced Full Jaw Implants  Package 150.000.000 1 Jaw
Dana Premium Full Jaw Implants Package 200.000.000 1 Jaw
Membrane, Bone grafting 5.000.000 1 Unit
PRF membrane grafting
5.000.000 1 Unit
Closed sinus lifting 10.000.000 1 Time
Open sinus lift 15.000.000 1 Time
Epithelium and gingival connective tissue grafting 8.000.000 1 Time
Customized Abutment 2.000.000 Cost plus
Customized Abutment Zirconia
3.000.000 Cost plus
Multi-unit Abutments 5.000.000 Cost plus

** Note: The price list is for reference only, it may vary depending on the client’s oral health. For more details, customers can visit the clinic directly or contact hotline +84 788 588 588 for specific advice.

Forms of payment for expenses at Dana Dental Clinic

At Dana Dental, in addition to being directly treated by a team of experienced and specialized doctors, well cared for by our consultants, customers are also supported in paying for treatment costs by flexible payment methods and installment policies. It will give customers have completely peace of mind to experience the international standard of dental services. Specifically:

  • Pay directly in cash, bank transfer or swipe a payment card.
  • Pay 1 time or more according to the treatment schedule.
  • Installment by credit card of all Banks.

Dental Implants on instalment plan in Da Nang city

Currently, Dana Dental has policies on dental implants in Da Nang city. Customers do not have to worry about excessive costs. We guarantee everyone would have natural and firm Implants. With the association with many banks, customers will be supported extremely quickly to pay by installment on porcelain crowns in Da Nang city. The following are the conditions for participating in the porcelain crowns installment at Dana Dental:

  • Full of documents: Driver’s license, family registration, ID card/Passport,…
  • Clear income certification.
  • Prepay from 10-20% depending on the services.
  • Has a good liquidity history.
  • Pay by installments from 6 – 12 months selected by the customers.

Above is the information to help solve the problem of where the best place dental implants in Da Nang city. For further advice on the treatment of edentulous with Implant methods. Customers can contact directly via Hotline +84 788 588 588 or Inbox Fanpage for the fastest support from our doctors!

about Dental Implants

Is Dental Implants dangerous?

For the major part, we often worry about replacing roots with pillars and the process of directly impacting the jaw bone will cause bad health effects. The answer is NO if you choose a reputable dental clinics and quality treatment address. Moreover, this method also offers superior benefits and advantages when completely repairing previous dental treatments:

Fix bone resorption complications that occur in many other methods

Typically, bone resorption complications are caused by severe face distortion that cause people who lose their teeth to quickly become old. Because of the automatic mechanism of the jaw bone, when a position on the arch is lost, the root of the tooth that is positioned on the jaw bone suddenly disappears, creating a hole. To make up for this gap, the jaw bone gradually fills up and shrinks, the position which had the tooth completely disappeared. Jaw bone resorption also causes malocclusion  between the jaws, seriously affecting chewing function.

Restore Completely chewing ability

If with porcelain crowns or dentures methods,… the chewing ability of the teeth is affected quite a lot, the implant method is the opposite. Even over time, the natural teeth have fallen but the implant teeth remain very strong. Because the implant pillars have completely replaced the root, when integrated with the jaw bone, these pillars have a role that is no different from a real root of tooth.

It leaves you like real teeth.

Unlike other methods, dental implants is considered to be the method that provides the truest eating sensation for the customers. In addition, the aesthetic element of the method is also appreciated because the implant  have the size, shape and color of enamel completely similar to the remaining teeth.

How long does it have to wait for eating after Implant surgery?

According to the specialists at Dana Dental, after surgery within 1 hour, you must not chew food. After 3-5 hours later, you can eat thin, cold foods and avoid chewing on implanted sites. Once you’ve started to adapt your implants to your real teeth after 3-6 months, you can eat more hard foods.

How much does an Implant cost?

The price of an implant at Dana Dental ranges from 15,000,000 VND to 35,000,000 VND for an implant depending on the number of implant pillars to be grown, the prosthesis plans, and the type of implant pillar that you choose. The above price includes porcelain crowns, for guests with conditions of bone resorption, additional costs will be charged for bone grafting and customers will be quoted clearly before treatment.

The cost of Implant in the package including the Implant pillar, abutment and porcelain crown. Undertaking not to incur any costs. In addition, all general examinations, CT scans and consultations are 100% free.

How long does the implant take?

In fact, the implant surgery consists of 2 main stages of treatment: inserting implant pillar and prosthesis porcelain crown. In particular, the time to place the Implant pillar in the jawbone lasts about 20 – 30 minutes for one pillar without bone grafting. In the case of fully edentulous, the implant surgery’s time according to the All-on-X/ProArch technique is about 120 minutes for a jaw.

However, after surgery, you need to wait from 8 to 14 weeks for the implant pillar to integrate biologically with the jaw bone in order to perform a porcelain dental prosthesis (attaching porcelain crown on the implant). Porcelain dental restorations usually last about 5-7 days in 3-5 appointments.

Note, this is a treatment period for simple cases without bone grafting. If bone grafting is required or oral pathologies need to be treated,the Implant period will be longer.

Where is the safe address to grow the Implant in Da Nang city?

Dana Dental is known as one of the prestigious dental addresses, a unit specializing in Dental Implants in Da Nang city. Implant therapy here is painless, based on strict medical standards, ensuring absolute safety and minimizing post-operative complications.

The Outstanding Advantages of Dental Implants at Dana Dental

  • 100% commitment made by Doctor Pham Minh Tuan with 10 years of experience in dental implants.
  • Before surgery, the customer will be consulted directly by the Doctor, explaining the process and cost of surgery.
  • The auxiliary team is rigorously selected and fully trained in dental implants’s knowledge.
  • Dana Dental uses only the best, original desensitizer and painkillers.
  • Use the implants with fast osseointegration, high body compatibility, and lifetime durability.
  • Dana Dental regularly organizes training courses on dental analgesia for all employees with consultation by dental experts, so that Customers have the most relaxing experience during surgery.
  • Application of music therapy, fragrance with 100% natural essential oils helps you no longer feel nervous and stressed.
  • The aseptic room meets the medical standards of the Department of Public Health in Da Nang City.
  • After treatment, the Customer will be joined to the Loyalty Group for a lifetime warranty and care.

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