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Because of various reasons, the teeth of the arch are damaged, weakened and shaken. At this time, whether or not to extract the teeth will depend on the patient’s oral condition and general health. Dentist will always prioritize treatment for teeth instead of removal. Until all options are inapplicable or ineffective, the doctor will prescribe a tooth extraction.

Cases to have to pull teeth? Is tooth extraction safe, is it painful? Should wisdom teeth be extracted or kept? What are the criteria to choose a safe and painless dentist in Da Nang? All of the above questions will be answered in detail and through the article below.

What is tooth extraction? In which cases tooth extraction is required?

dental extraction (also referred to as tooth extractionexodontiaexodontics, or informally, tooth pulling) is the removal of teeth from the dental alveolus (socket) in the alveolar bone.

Because of various reasons, the teeth of the arch are damaged, weakened and shaken. At this time, whether or not to extract the teeth will depend on the patient’s oral condition and general health. Dentist will always prioritize treatment for teeth instead of removal. Until all options are inapplicable or ineffective, the doctor will prescribe a tooth extraction.

tại sao nên nhổ răng, nhổ răng ở đâu tại đà nẵng an toàn không đau

Extraction is a dental technique that removes the real teeth, due to pathological problems, damage, and no longer ensures basic functions. Extraction is a minor surgery so there will be processes related to anaesthesia, tooth extraction, and subsequent painful issues. The patient should be prepared psychologically and medically when extraction is indicated.

After extraction, the patients preferably chooses an Implant solutions for the restoration of the missing tooth. In order to ensure chewing function, aesthetics and prevent serious consequences caused by the loss of teeth.

Cases where extraction is required

The extraction of wisdom tooth or the extraction of decaying molars teeth must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. If we don’t treat them, they will cause us a lot of inconvenience in our daily life. The chewing function of the teeth will be impaired by the aches and pains.

Not only that, in many cases, the teeth have severe periodontitis, the infection is more widespread, if not extracted in time, the remaining teeth can also be affected, the worst consequence is the loss of teeth on the entire arch.

Therefore, for the cases below, the doctor usually prescribes immediately tooth extraction:

Dental caries

The customers has severe dental caries, teeth are increasingly damaged and accompanied by persistent pain, the caries need to be extracted, to avoid spreading the caries causing bacteria to spread to adjacent teeth.

răng sâu chỉ còn chân răng cần được nhổ bỏ - nha khoa dana địa chỉ nhổ răng uy tín tài đà nẵng

Broken teeth have large caries and only roots left need to be removed to avoid complications afterward

Pulpitis tooth

If the teeth are not treated early, the infection can spread, thereby forming inflamed area at the root called apical periodontitis (AP). This causes the root to be severely damaged and increasingly weakened, even end-stage pulp necrosis that cannot be treated. At this point, the doctors are bound to extract the teeth.


The client who has severe periodontal diseases, with extensive bone resorption, receding gum or unsustainable root that makes the tooth loss, easy to come out. With this condition, tooth extraction is inevitable

nướu sưng đỏ là biểu hiện của triệu chứng viêm nha chu

Symptoms of periodontitis that require early treatment to avoid leading to tooth loss

An impacted wisdom teeth or grow underground causes complications

A wisdom tooth, commonly known as the tooth no.8, or the third molar, is the last growing tooth of the jaw. Wisdom teeth usually grow and develop from 17-30 years old when they no longer have enough “space” on the jaw to grow in the normal direction, so they have to find a different growth direction than other teeth.

Many cases of wisdom teeth grow favorable, causing people to experience pain and unpleasant feelings. Therefore, for many people, wisdom teeth have practically no aesthetic or chewing function. And most of the wisdom teeth or the 8th teeth should be extracted soon, so as not to affect the other teeth on the dental arch.

nhổ răng khôn uy tín, an toàn tại đà nẵng

The name is smart tooth but “not smart” at all!

Extraction when dental braces are performed

Doctors will prescribe tooth extraction when getting braces with the following cases: underbite, protruding teeth, crowding teeth, crooked teeth due to small jaw space and need to make space for the teeth to move back to the esthetic position.

Note: After extraction, the patients should select the appropriate options for the restoration of the missing tooth soon. Avoid affecting oral health and facial aesthetics.

If you are still confused and have many questions to decide whether you should extract teeth, especially wisdom teeth, see the end of the article or click Here.

Dana Dental – Prestigious Tooth Extraction Address in Da Nang city

Dana Dental is one of the prestigious, top quality dentistry in Da Nang city today. With common teeth or wisdom teeth extraction at Dana Dental, customers can have complete peace of mind by:

  • The team of doctors at Dana Dental is highly specialized, with more than 10 years of experience, having studied and worked at Central Dental Hospital, the largest and most prestigious dental center in Ho Chi Minh city. The doctors will help the extraction of the client’s teeth to proceed quickly, accurately and painlessly. Also minimize complications during and after tooth extraction.
  • All the systems, equipment and machinery at Dana Dental are 100% imported from Europe. With modern equipment such as Conebeam 3D CT machine; Digital X-ray machine; PS500 LED dental implantology motor kit; Software to support CT viewing in cases of difficult cases of undergrowth teeth,…
  • Dana Dental is equipped with an ultraviolet sterilization system. Ensure that the space and medical equipment are completely sterile during any patient’s visit and surgery.
  • Examination, radiography and consultation at Dana Dental are completely free of charge. In addition, the costs are public and transparent.
  • Enthusiastic team of consultants, answering all questions of customers. When there are any problems with the service of dentistry, customers can respond directly and be answered immediately.

phòng phẫu thuật tại nha khoa dana

Surgical clinic at Dana Dental  specializing in implant surgery and minor surgery of wisdom teeth or undergrowth teeth extraction

Dana Dental’s Tooth Extraction Process in Da Nang city

When extracting tooth, especially wisdom tooth, most patients feel anxiety, fear. But extraction is not a complicated dental technique. Together with the support of modern technology today, the extraction process is completely painless.

Step 1: General Examination of Oral Health and X-ray

The doctor will get a general examination and take an x-ray to determine the length, shape, position and condition of the bone jaw around the site of the tooth to be extracted. From this, the doctor estimates the difficulty level of the minor surgery and the most reasonable extraction direction.

Step 2: Oral Hygiene

The teeth are cleaned. Use Chlohexidine mouthwash to clean the bacteria inside the interdental space, avoiding inflammation when extracting tooth.

Step 3: Anesthesia

Currently, with tooth extraction techniques for normal health patients, it is only necessary to give an anesthetic at the extraction site. For more complicated cases, local anesthesia is required and even preanesthesia can be given.

Before giving injection, the doctor will apply the anesthetic gel to the area to be injected, so there will be no pain or burning sensation when getting numbed.

Step 4: Extraction

The doctor at Dana Dental will use sterile individual kits to perform the extraction. After the teeth have been extracted out of jaw, the doctor stitch up a wound or the next step in the prosthesis process (implantation) will be performed.

– For straight wisdom teeth and large caries to be extracted: Use conventional extraction methods with surgical dental tooth forceps.

– For wisdom teeth that grow crooked and impacted by tooth No. 7: The doctor must remove the jam to extract the wisdom teeth slowly by using the handpiece method to create a space to pry tooth up.

– For undergrowth wisdom teeth: The doctor must open a space to see the crown of the 8th tooth. Then impact the periodontal part around the apical wobbles the wisdom teeth. After the tooth is shaken, separated into several parts, the doctor will proceed to extract the tooth. Clean the wound area and put stitches in a wound with absorbable sutures.

Depending on the case of wisdom teeth, the duration of surgery may last from 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 5: Instruct how to take care after extracting wisdom teeth

The doctor will prescribe painkillers and guide the diet and activities to heal quickly.

How much does tooth extraction cost at Dana Dental in Da Nang city

How much it costs to extract common teeth in general and wisdom teeth in particular in Da Nang city depends on the complexity of the surgery. Below is Dana Dental’s reference price list:

Price list of tooth extraction at Dana Dental Clinic

Tooth Extraction Price List

Service Price (VND) Unit
Extraction of permanent anterior tooth
300.000 1 Tooth
Extraction of permanent posterior tooth
500.000 1 Tooth
Extraction of remaining root 500.000 1 Tooth
Extraction of root canal treatment tooh (Extra charge) 500.000 1 Tooth
Treatment of infected sockets 500.000 1 Tooth
Upper wisdom tooth extraction Easy
1.000.000 1 Tooth
Upper wisdom tooth extraction Hard
1.500.000 1 Tooth
Lower wisdom tooth extraction Easy – Minor surgery
1.500.000 1 Tooth
Lower wisdom tooth extraction Hard – Minor surgery
2.500.000 1 Tooth
Extraction of undergrowth wisdom teeth – Minor surgery 5.000.000 1 Tooth
Extraction of undergrowth wisdom teeth – Very Hard – Minor surgery 15.000.000 1 Tooth
Piezotome Extraction  (Extra charge) 5.000.000 1 Tooth
Extraction of combined bone graft and membranes  (Extra charge)
5.000.000 1 Tooth
Extraction of milk teeth
50.000 1 Tooth

*** * Note: The price list is for reference only, the cost depends on the level and process of the dentist’s appointment. For more details, customers can visit Dana Dental directly or contact Hotline +84 788 588 588 for specific consultations.

Forms of payment for expenses at Dana Dental Clinic

At Dana Dental, in addition to being directly treated by a team of experienced and specialized doctors, well cared for by our consultants, customers are also supported in paying for treatment costs by flexible payment methods and installment policies. It will give customers have completely peace of mind to experience the international standard of dental services. Specifically:

  • Pay directly in cash, bank transfer or swipe a payment card.
  • Pay 1 time or more according to the treatment schedule.
  • Installment by credit card of all Banks.

Pre and post tooth extraction instructions

To avoid complex complications such as infection, heavy bleeding, persistent pain and swelling… before and after tooth extraction, patients need to take proper care of their teeth.

What should be prepared before extracting teeth?

The first thing to prepare is a comfortable mentality. If the patient is overly concerned and stress, it may interfere with the doctor to extract.

nghỉ ngơi thư giãn trước và sau khi nhổ răng

Rest, relaxation before extractions for greater psychological comfort

All medical problems, patient’s health condition, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pregnant women, women on menstruation… should be reported to the doctor. Before extracting the tooth, the doctor will perform a general check once again on the patient’s health condition.

The most appropriate extraction time is early in the morning or early in the afternoon after a full meal, for the doctor to monitor the patient’s post-extraction bleeding.

How to take care of your teeth after extraction?

After tooth extraction, bleeding, swelling, pain, difficulty opening the mouth is normal. Clean gauze or cotton swabs should be secured for about 30 minutes to prevent bleeding and medication should be taken as prescribed by your doctor to reduce swelling and pain.

Use physiological saline to rinse your mouth instead of brushing your teeth for 24 hours after extraction. Use ice, cold towels to apply on the cheeks and outer area to reduce swelling and pain.

Strictly follow the doctor’s instructions, do not arbitrarily take antibiotics, painkillers, do not use hands or sharp objects to check wounds… If unusual swelling or pain and bleeding persists, the patients should see the doctor for examination and responding timely.

On the first evening after tooth extraction, the patient should go to bed early and not drink alcoholic beverages.

When the wound is not healed, only soft, easily digestible items should be eaten, and plenty of water should be drunk. Food that is too cold, too spicy, too hot  should not be eaten, soft drinks and other stimulants should not be used.

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about Tooth Extraction

When does the pain stop after wisdom tooth extraction?

According to dental experts and the patient’s experience, after 1-2 days of wisdom tooth extraction, the patients still feel the pain in the 8th tooth area. The pain level of the patients is different, in some cases, the patient who have good health may not feel pain and there is no need to use painkillers to maintain daily activities.

If after a week of operation, you still feel prolonged pain, no signs of disappearance, and there is a massive swelling, fever or nodular swelling, there is a great probability that you may have post-operative complications of wisdom tooth extraction. At this time, you need to immediately go to the dental clinic where you extracted your tooth or specialist medical facilities for a timely visit.

How long does it heal after pulling your wisdom tooth?

During the extraction of wisdom tooth (the tooth no.8), doctors will inject anesthesia to relieve the pain, but after the drug is gone, the pain will continue to come.

According to the post-extraction recovery, the extraction site will begin to heal, the gums recover gradually and cover the root hole at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks after the minor surgery. And finally, about 1 month after extraction, the bone jaw is completely healed, with the developed bone filling the socket as part of the jawbone.

What should you eat after extracting your teeth?

In order for restoration after extraction to proceed quickly, it is important to note what you eat after extraction. It is recommended that you prioritize the following foods to allow the wound to heal quickly, avoiding dangerous complications:

  • Soft food: After tooth extraction, you should choose foods that are soft and easy to swallow such as porridge, soup to limit jaw muscle movement. Yogurt or fruit juices for side meals are also healthy options, avoiding unnecessary damage at the extraction site.
  • Cold, cool food: 2 – 4 hours after surgery, you can eat cold foods to reduce edema, pain and stop bleeding effectively.
  • Green vegetables and fruits: Because of their high content of vitamins, fiber and minerals, these will be very good nutritional supplements for the body in the process of recovering from tooth extraction. In addition to direct cooking, green vegetables and fruits can be processed into different types of smoothies, which are both delicious and do not need to be chewed much.
  • Salmon: Salmon contain proteins and fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. It works to support the rapid healing process. Salmon is also very soft and easy to chew, so it is very suitable for eating after extracting tooth.
  • Variety of foods to get enough nutrients:Hygiene and adequate supplements of nutrients should also focus. You can ask a specialist or medical professional for a suitable diet for the person who just extracted the tooth.
Ways to stop the bleeding effectivity after tooth extraction?

In order to limit possible complications, it is recommended to apply hemostatic measures when extracting wisdom tooth as soon as possible, such as:

Secure the gauze in right place

To stop bleeding during a wisdom tooth extraction, the dentist will place a sterile gauze into the extraction site and tell you to bite it firm The blood in the wound will be absorbed slowly and clotted more quickly. Therefore, when you come home, you can also do it as follows:

  • Take a clean gauze and roll or fold it into a square shape to fit the socket.
  • Place the prepared gauze in the extraction site, and secure it by holding it for 45 – 60 minutes by your teeth. It will put pressure on the socket so bleeding can be prevented in small capillaries.

In addition to this, you can do the same with tea bags to quickly make blood clots, minimizing bleeding.

No effect on blood clots

For the first 24 hours after tooth extraction, you should limit the effect on the clots. Because they have an important role to play in hemostasis and wound healing. Therefore, you should abstain from the following habits:

  • Spit, rinse too hard.
  • Strong movement, eat hard food.
  • Using straws, hands, or the tongue touches the site where the wisdom tooth was extracted.
  • Playing musical instruments such as trumpets, flutes,…

Reasonable rest and diet

Comfortable spirit, taking more time to rest will help the wound heal faster. To stop bleeding when extracting wisdom tooth, you should avoid hard work for at least 1-2 days after extraction. At the same time, you should keep your head high during sleep to control bleeding.

Proper oral hygiene

So how is proper oral hygiene to stop bleeding when extracting wisdom tooth? At least 1-2 days after extraction, you should rinse your mouth with physiological saline to clean your mouth and help the wound heal quickly.

On subsequent days, you should brush your teeth gently with a soft brush, and avoid touching the extraction site.

Visiting a doctor

After applying the above measures, if the bleeding persists, you should visit a dentist to diagnose the cause and propose a treatment:

  • In case of bleeding due the gum tears,or alveolar bone broken, the dentist will help you clean and put stitches in the wound.

If the roots left or the inflammatory organization are missing, you need to remove all of them, wash away and bite the gauze that impregnated  hydrogen peroxide (VP 3%) to limit inflammation.

Does tooth extraction reduce life-span?

Extraction is a common minor surgeries in dentistry, most tooth extractions are simple and gentle, painless

In cases where it is necessary to extract the teeth due extensive damage or misplaced wisdom teeth at most, causing inflammatory complications, swelling and pain onsite, affecting the quality of life, the extraction not only does not reduce the life-span but also helps improve the quality of life.

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