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Below is the service price list at Dana Dental - Dentistry in Da Nang. We provide a detailed and clear price list to help you better understand each service price. In addition, the cost may vary slightly due to promotions, if you want to know exactly, please visit Dana Dental for specific and completely free advice from Doctors.

Service fees dental treatment at
Dana Dental

The price at Dana Dental Clinic in DaNang is not cheap, it is not expensive, but it is a suitable price. In accordance with high-grade materials, modern machines serve customers during the treatment process. Suitable for service, 5 – star standard space. Suitable for professional doctor in Saigon with over 10 years of experience. And there are many other things that when customers come to us, they only praise, not criticize anything anymore.

  • General Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Orthodontics - Braces
  • Dental Surgery
Pre-check & Consultancy
Free of charge
Panorama X-Ray
100.000 / 1 Film
Cephalo X-Ray
100.000 / 1 Film
3D CT Dental X-ray
300.000 / 1 Film
Scale and clean periodically
150.000 / 2 Jaws
Removal of Plaque and Calculus
Regular teeth cleaning & polishing
250.000 / 2 Jaw
Deep cleaning
350.000 / 2 Jaws
White composite filling a Molar
200.000 / 1 Tooth
Abrasion Filling
300.000 / 1 Tooth
Tooth brush abrasion is the most common cause of dental abrasion.
White composite filling Incisors
500.000 / 1 Tooth
White dental fillings are generally made from composite resin. Because of their colour, they blend in more naturally with the rest of your teeth.
Surface Filling
800.000 / 1 Tooth
A surface filling is a filling that covers one of the five surfaces of a tooth. A surface filling will cover one of the following surfaces: occlusal (top of the tooth), mesial (front of the tooth), distal (back of the tooth), facial (side of the tooth facing the cheek), and lingual (side of the tooth facing the tongue).
Covering the Pulp
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Fiber post / Restoring abutment teeth
1.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Tooth Piercing – Your Jewelry
300.000 / 1 Tooth
Tooth Piercing – Stone of Dentistry
1.000.000 / 1 Tooth
This trend involves placing a gem, stone, or other type of jewelry right onto a tooth in your mouth.
Filling baby tooth
150.000 / 1 Tooth
Apply Verni Flour, Dental sealants
200.000 / 1 Tooth
Dental sealants are a dental treatment intended to prevent tooth decay
Root canal treatment of Incisor teeth
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Root canal treatment of Canine and Premolar teeth
800.000 / 1 Tooth
Root canal treatment of molar teeth
1.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Root canal treatment of wisdom teeth (Not recommended)
3.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Re-treatment rooth canal
1.000.000 / 1 Root canals
During retreatment, the Dentist will re-open your tooth and remove the filling materials that were placed in the root canals during the first procedure.
Root canal treament baby tooth
750.000 / 1 Tooth
Teeth whitening at home
1.200.000 / 1 Times
Includes 2 whitening trays and 2 home whitening kits
Teeth whitening at the clinic
2.500.000 / 1 Times
Teeth whitening at the clinic and home
3.000.000 / 1 Times
Teeth whitening have Root canal treatment
900.000 / 1 Tooth
Whitening Tray
400.000 / 2 Trays
Whitening Gel
300.000 / 1 Tube
Digital Smile Design
1.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Porcelain Veneer IPS Emax Multi
6.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain Veneer IPS Emax Press Multi
7.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain Veneer Lava + 3M
8.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Inlay - Onlay Composite
2.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Inlay - Onlay Porcelain
4.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain - Metal Cr - Co
1.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain Titanium
2.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain Precious Metal
7.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain Zirconia Cercon
4.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain Zirconia DD.Bio
5.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain IPS Emax Press
7.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain Zirconia Lava+ 3M
8.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Vietnamese Removable Dentures
200.000 / 1 Tooth
American removable dentures
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Composite removable dentures
600.000 / 1 Tooth
Porcelain removable dentures
1.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Hard plastic frame jaw to attach dentures
Free of charge
Soft plastic frame jaw to attach dentures
1.500.000 / 1 Jaw
Price does not include dentures
Metal frame jaw to attach dentures
2.500.000 / 1 Jaw
Price does not include dentures
Fully removable dentures with hard plastic frame
5.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Fully removable dentures with soft plastic frame
7.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Korean Implant Package
16.000.000 / 1 Implant
France Implant Package
20.000.000 / 1 Implant
Switzerland Implant Package
35.000.000 / 1 Implant
Full Jaw Implants Dana Basic
120.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Full Jaw Implants Dana Advanced
150.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Full Jaw Implants Dana Premium
200.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Bone grafting
5.000.000 / 1 Unit
Periosteal graft PRF
5.000.000 / 1 Unit
Closed Sinus Lift
10.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Open Sinus Lift
15.000.000 / 1 Times
Epithelium and gingival connective tissue grafts
8.000.000 / 1 Times
Customized Abutment
2.000.000 / Cost plus
Customized Abutment Zirconia
3.000.000 / Cost plus
Multi-unit Abutments
5.000.000 / Cost plus
Braces with metal brackets easy level
30.000.000 / 2 Jaws
Braces with metal brackets average level
35.000.000 / 2 Jaw
Braces with metal brackets difficulty level
40.000.000 / 2 Jaw
Ceramic Braces
9.000.000 / Cost plus
Self-ligating braces
12.000.000 / Cost plus
Space closure Molar
9.000.000 / Cost plus
Creat space for Future Restoration
7.000.000 / 1 Case
Intrusion/Extrusion Orthodontics
12.000.000 / 1 Case
Intrusion is a movement in orthodontics where a tooth is partially moved into the bone
Extrusion it is opposite Intrusion
Orthodontic retainer function
1.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Free first jaw if braces at Dana Dental, charge next jaw.
Transparent braces - Invisalign Lite
70.000.000 / 2 Jaw
Transparent braces - Invisalign Moderate Level 1
90.000.000 / 2 Jaw
Transparent braces - Invisalign Moderate Level 2
105.000.000 / 2 Jaw
Transparent braces - Invisalign Full Level 1
115.000.000 / 2 Jaw
Transparent braces - Invisalign Full Level 2
130.000.000 / 2 Jaw
Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders with tray
5.000.000 / 2 Jaw
Extraction of primary Anterior teeth
300.000 / 1 Tooth
Extraction of primary Posterior teeth
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Extract the remaining root of the tooth
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Extraction of a tooth with root canal treatment
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Treatment of infected tooth socket
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Upper wisdom teeth Removal Easy
1.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Upper wisdom teeth Removal Hard
1.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Wisdom teeth Removal Level 1 – Minor operation
1.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Wisdom teeth Removal Level 2 – Minor operation
2.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Impacted wisdom teeth Removal – Minor operation
5.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Impacted wisdom teeth Removal very hard – Minor operation
15.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Piezotome Ultrasonic tooth extraction
5.000.000 / 1 Cost plus
Extraction Tooth With Bone graft and Periosteal graft Collagen
5.000.000 / 1 Cost plus
Baby tooth extraction
50.000 / 1 Tooth
Periodontal pocket treatment Simple
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Periodontal pocket treatment Complex
1.200.000 / 1 Tooth
Surgical treatment of periodontitis
15.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Gum Contouring - Gingivectomy
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Gum Contouring - Osseous Surgery
1.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Remove Receding gums
500.000 / 1 Tooth
Gum incision to drain the abscess
500.000 / 1 Case
Labial frenectomy
1.000.000 / 1 Case
Apicoectomy in Anterior teeth
1.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Apicoectomy is indicated when the patient is in a good physical condition and the tissues surrounding the abscessed tooth are free from gingivitis and pyorrhea and the root-canal and the dentin of the root in question is sterile.
Apicoectomy with reverse filling procedure in Anterior teeth
2.500.000 / 1 Tooth
Apicoectomy in Posterior teeth
3.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Apicoectomy with reverse filling procedure in Posterior teeth
5.000.000 / 1 Tooth
Apicoectomy surgery With Bone graft and Periosteal graft Collagen
5.000.000 / 1 Cost plus
Treatments for Gummy Smiles: Gingivectomy
4.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Removal of the excess gum tissue
Treatments for Gummy Smiles: Osseous Surgery
8.000.000 / 1 Jaw
Removal of the excess bone and shaping the jawbone
Treatments for Gummy Smiles: Botulinum Toxin (BT) Injection
15.000.000 / 1 Times
Treatments for Gummy Smiles: Lip Repositioning Technique
20.000.000 / 1 Time Surgery

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    Full Jaw Implants

    Removable dentures are a method that many people use when losing teeth. However, this option has many shortcomings, such as failing to overcome the jawbone loss that causes sunken cheeks, premature aging of the face, easy to fall off when used, causing pain, bad breath. At the same time, the chewing function is not guaranteed, greatly affecting the digestive system, leading to serious diseases of the stomach, cardiovascular problems …

    Full Jaw Implants: All on 4, All on 5, All on 6 are recognized as the best and most cost-effective full-mouth implant techniques today. Comprehensively overcome the case of missing teeth in the entire jaw, missing bone gaps or too weak jawbone. Restore high aesthetics, improve pronunciation, and effectively prevent jaw bone loss and restore chewing function like real teeth.

    Full Jaw Implants (All – on X) restorations are divided into two parts: the lower part of the implant and the fixed prosthesis above the implant.

    Implant at Dana Dental – Dentistry in DaNang currently has 3 main lines: Korean Implant (Hiossen, Dentium, Neo Biotech, Dio); Implant France, USA (Tekka, ETK); Implant Germany, Switzerland (Straumann, Mis C1)

    The prosthetics that fix screwed teeth on the Implant at Dana Dental also include 3 main types: Reinforced plastic dental restorations on the Bar; Restoration of porcelain teeth on Titanium frame jaw; Restoration of porcelain teeth on BioHPP bioframe jaws.

    The full – jaw Implant packages at Dana Dental – Da Nang Dentistry below are using French ETK Implants and Porcelain dental restorations on Titanium frame jaws.

    120.000.000 VND
    Full Jaw Implants Dana Basic
    Full-mouth implants look and taste like natural teeth and can be cleaned and cared for in the same way. Best of all, all in fours do not have to be removed each night for cleaning the same way that traditional dentures must be removed.
    • All on 4 + 12 Tooth
    • 4 Dental Implant ETK from France value 80.000.000 VND
    • Full jaw restoration with screws 12 Tooth crown on Multi Abutment value 40.000.000 VND
    • Free of charge CT Conebeam 3D
    • Free pre-surgery test
    • Free tooth extraction and alveolar adjustment
    150.000.000 VND
    Full Jaw Implants Dana Advanced
    The All-on-5 (AO5) is like an implant bridge that replaces the teeth for an entire jaw. The AO5 procedure entails tooth removal and the placement of four to six implants, which are located on each arch. Dentures are then attached to the implants. They will only need to be removed during routine checkups or just a couple of times per year.
    • All on 5 + 14 Tooth
    • 5 Dental Implant ETK from France value 100.000.000 VND
    • Full jaw restoration with screws 14 Tooth crown on Multi Abutment value 50.000.000 VND
    • Free of charge CT Conebeam 3D
    • Free pre-surgery test
    • Free tooth extraction and alveolar adjustment
    200.000.000 VND
    Full Jaw Implants Dana Premium
    In fact, the procedure can range from $35,000 to $120,000 in United States for a full set of teeth, and it can take up to a year to complete. It depends on the quality of your jawbone, and if any additional procedures such as sinus lifting or bone grafting are needed.
    • All on 6 + 14 Tooth
    • 6 Dental Implant ETK from France value 120.000.000 VND
    • Full jaw restoration with screws 14 Tooth crown on Multi Abutment value 60.000.000 VND
    • Free of charge CT Conebeam 3D
    • Free pre-surgery test
    • Free tooth extraction and alveolar adjustment
    • Voucher worth 10 million VND for bone grafting, sinus lift
    • Free Temporary teeth
    • Free Hotel pick up and drop off during treatment


    Some reviews of customers’ feelings when they have used the service at Dana Dental – Da Nang Dentistry, all customers have responded to express satisfaction and give 5 stars to Dana Dental. Thank you all for trusting and accompanying us.
    Brad Wilson
    Trám răng

    Dr Minh Tuan is very skillful and professional. The clinic is clean. Price is great too, we are very happy with their services and I will definitely comeback for my front teeth filling. Thanks you

    đánh giá nha khoa dana
    Ngoc Lam

    Great experience with modern space, enthusiastic staff. Highly skilled doctor, friendly and cheerful. A reputable, reliable place to take care of your smile.
    Ngoc Thuy

    I was implanted by Doctor Tuan with a molar implant. He really did it very gently and quickly. No pain, but heartwarming, fun. Vote 5* for quality.

    review nha khoa dana
    Kim Chi
    Tooth Extraction

    The service here is very good, the premises are luxurious, the equipment is modern, the staff is enthusiastic and cute. The doctor explained very thoroughly before starting the work, so I was extremely confident and reliable!

    Dental Specialists

    Dental Specialists


    If you are in need of a root canal therapy, you should visit an endodontist. Endodontists have undergone extensive specialized training in this particular branch of dentistry, which involves morphology, physiology, and pathology of the human dental pulp, as well as that of the periradicular tissues. Furthermore, they specialize in the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the inner workings of the teeth.

    Oral Surgeon

    These dental specialists are responsible for treating a wide variety of dental problems, including the removal of impacted teeth, as well as reconstructive facial surgery. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are also responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, and defects involving both functional and aesthetic aspects of the soft and hard tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region.


    Prosthodontists specialize in the replacement and restoration of broken teeth with crowns, bridges, or removable prosthetics. They are also trained in the preservation of a healthy mouth and creation of tooth replacements. Additionally, they have specialized training in post oral cancer reconstruction, jaw joint problems, traumatic injuries of the mouth, and snoring and sleeping disorders.


    Periodontists specialize in the care and prevention of gum-related diseases, guided bone regeneration, and dental implants. This branch of dentistry deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that may affect the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes (such as dentures), as well as the maintenance of the health, function, and aesthetics of these structures and tissues. They specialize in the treatment of periodontitis, or advanced gum disease.

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