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Braces are a solution to help move teeth to the correct, balanced and regular position by using specialized dental appliances such as brackets, trays, etc. Braces specialize in correcting common dental misalignment problems such as messy teeth, underbites, protruding teeth, wide teeth, etc.

Are braces good? Are you hurt? How long do braces take? What are the criteria to choose a reputable and quality braces Dental in Da Nang? All questions about Orthodontics will be answered by us in detail and through the article below.

What are braces and in which cases should we have braces?

niềng răng tại dana dental - nha khoa đà nẵng

What are braces?

“Dental Braces”(also known as braces, orthodontics cases) are devices (fixed or removable) used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also aiming to improve dental health. From there, ensure stable traction, help teeth move to the right position and give customers even and beautiful teeth, ensure chewing function, correct bite…

Which cases should be braced?

This method is indicated and highly effective, overcoming the following cases of teeth defects:

  • Buck teeth, Lug teeth (causing loss of facial aesthetics, more wear on teeth when chewing)
  • Underbite, mandibular prognathism (causing loss of facial aesthetics, affecting chewing function, Idioglossia…)
  • Diastema, interdental gaps, big gaps between the teeth (often leading to weak, wobbly teeth, frequent food entanglement in interdental teeth, or impacting pronunciation)
  • Crowding teeth, crooked teeth,teeth disorders, uneven teeth (causing loss of facial aesthetics, food entangled in interdental and difficulty take care of oral health)
  • Open bite, (chewing difficulty, idioglossia, poor pronunciation…)
  • Deep bite, receding chin (unbalanced face, affecting temporomandibular joint, occlusion)

If you’re still wondering and have a lot of questions to decide if you should brace your teeth or not, check out the end of the post or click Here.

Evaluation criteria for prestigious dental braces in Da Nang city?

In Da Nang city, you can also see hundreds of different large and small dental clinics. So, to choose yourself a quality braces address, you should rely on the following factors:

  • Good team of doctors who have highly skills, expertise and experience. The doctor must be granted an orthodontics certificate from the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Applying a variety of advanced dental techniques and technologies to the orthodontics process provides the best effect.
  • Modern facilities, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to support the advanced orthodontics process.
  • Provide standard procedures in detail to the customers.

Most importantly, dental clinics of orthodontics in Da Nang city must be licensed by the Ministry of Public Health and have successfully completed orthodontics cases. Based on the above factors, you can determine the best orthodontics address for high efficiency and safety.

máy quét niềng răng
State-of-the-art facilities, machinery and equipment must ensure absolute support for the orthodontics process

Dana Dental – Prestigious Braces Address in Da Nang city

If you are looking for a prestigious braces address in Da Nang city, Dana Dental is the destination for you. Here we have our unique position of strength and ensure everything that needs to deliver the best results for you. As follows:

  • High opinion of customers: Dana Dental has successfully received and implemented braces for thousands of customers, from simple to complex cases. Not only for local customers, but also many customers from neighboring provinces and cities.
  • Quality, genuine materials: At Dana Dental, customers are completely assured of aesthetic dental treatment services. Because materials used in dentistry are safe, health-friendly and qualified materials of the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Good, highly specialized doctors: Dana Dental’s doctors are highly specialized. They have trained in major hospitals at home and abroad in the specialty of odonto-stomatology. With high expertise and experience, we are confident to bring you straight, even and beautiful teeth as you wish.
  • Modern facilities, cutting-edge machinery: A motto of quality, safety and top efficiency. Dana Dental relentlessly invests in the most advanced and modern equipment available to best serve the needs of its customers.
  • Professional services: When performing orthodontics services at Dana Dental, customers will always be served by a dedicated, professional staff team, reminders when the treatment is due and always ready to support, answer any questions when needed.
nha khoa dana chuyên implant đà nẵng
Quality and prestigious orthodontics address in Da Nang city – Dana Dental

Braces Process of Dana Dental in Da Nang city

The cosmetic braces process according to the International standard is performed including the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and consultant

  • The doctor checks oral health to assess the defect of the teeth.
  • Treating the oral problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis,… if any.

Step 2: Plan a treatment plan

The doctor advises on the methods of orthodontics, up to the most detailed treatment plan, which includes adjusting the force and speed of movement of each tooth in a specific period of time.

chụp x quang răng
Take X-rays to schedule the client’s treatment plan

Step 3: Oral hygiene and general treatment

  • The nurses will clean the client’s oral cavity before applying the braces, then take a dental impression for storage.
  • Cleaning your teeth helps to ensure your teeth are perfectly clean, limiting germs and viruses as much as possible before braces. In addition, the doctor also deals with other dental problems such as tooth decay, damaged teeth, bad teeth,etc.

Step 4: Apply the bracket to tooth surface

  • Applying tools to support the finishing process, applying orthodontics separators, taking dental impressions and applying bands,etc.
  • Applying brackets is the final step of the implementation phase. At this point, the doctor will apply the type of brackets that you selected. In addition, your doctor will guide you in more detail about eating and how it affects brackets every day. Besides, you need to have regular follow-up examinations so that the doctor can easily monitor, advise and adjust.
gắn mắc cài vào răng
Doctors apply brackets to teeth with specialty dental glue

Step 5: Follow-up examination

  • The process of braces usually lasts from 1 to 3 years depending on the case. Therefore, the client needs to be seen on time to achieve the most effective treatment.
  • After about 4-6 weeks, you will return for the doctor’s appointment to correct your braces.

Step 6: Remove the braces

After removing brackets, Clients should continue to wear retainers for 6 months to 1 year to allow the teeth and jawbone to stabilize at a new location, preventing the movement of teeth to the old position.

Braces Methods

Currently, there are many different types of braces methods, which accompany the advantages and disadvantages of each type. In general, they still have the same main purpose of correcting the aesthetic condition of the teeth to improve confidence in communication. You can refer to before deciding which of the following instrument braces to choose:

Metal braces

Metal braces is the method that uses brackets and archwire made from high-grade stainless steel to straighten teeth. Most people when they think about braces will think about the image of metal braces.

The most suitable subject for this type is teenagers. Because the cost is not high, fast treatment time and it can overcome all pathologies from the simplest to the most complex.

niềng răng bằng mắc cài kim loại ở đà nẵng

Metal Braces of Stainless Steel Material


  • Lowest cost of braces methods
  • The teeth move quickly into the desired position, short treatment time
  • The elastic ties are many colors, you can choose for yourself.


  • Most easily recognizable compared to other bracing methods
  • Do not eat hard foods, or foods that are too hot or cold
  • In some cases, there will be irritation of the metallic archwire in the gums or cheeks.

Porcelain braces

The porcelain braces method is a combination of traditional archwire with brackets made of biological porcelain. Porcelain brackets have the same shape as metal brackets but are more difficult to recognize because they are made in the same color as your natural bright teeth. So this type is suitable for people who pay attention to their appearance and do not want to be recognized by others as being braced.

In terms of the bracing, the ceramic braces are equivalent to metal braces, both in terms of effectiveness and duration of treatment.


Highly aesthetic, similar in color to real teeth, less recognizable than metal braces.


  • The size of porcelain brackets is bigger than metal brackets
  • The cost of porcelain braces will be 30-40% higher than metal braces.

Lingual braces

Inner braces are the methods that are applied to the inner surface of the tooth (lingual surface), which is an important step forward in orthodontics. Thereby, it is possible to both correct teeth and ensure high aesthetics for braces.

niềng răng mắc cài mặt lưỡi tại đà nẵng

Picture of inner braces – lingual braces


  • Highly aesthetic. Because the brackets will be applied inside, few people know, the effect of this method is high and can be applied to many different cases.


  • The chewing sensation will often be difficult. Moreover, feelings of entanglement will have more than other types.
  • With this kind of braces, oral hygiene will also be more difficult. Therefore, the risk of oral pathologies is also very high.
  • The cost is relatively higher than other conventional methods. Depending on the condition of the teeth, the cost will also vary.

Transparent aligners – Invisalign

Transparent aligners Invisalign is the most modern method of braces today. The patient will use this type of trays chain for the duration of the braces. Each person will have their own set of trays with separate and unique designs. With this method, the patient can manually remove the tray and on average 1 tray will be replaced every 2 weeks. This is intended to help shift the teeth slightly into the desired position.

transparent aligners

Transparent aligners – The most modern braces method available


  • This type of braces is aesthetically superior to other types of high-end methods. Therefore, it will be difficult for others to recognize that you are wearing trays.
  • Also, with Invisalign there will not be a state of falling out of brackets or archwire. And also does not cause damage to the cheeks or gums…
  • Patients can be removed easily, performing oral hygiene and eating.
  • Achieve optimal teeth shifting efficiency for all cases of misaligned teeth, protruding teeth, malocclusion.
  • Short Treatment Period


  • The cost is much higher than other conventional methods.
  • Easy to disassemble but if not worn enough minimum time will reduce orthodontic effect.

Clear Aligner Braces

This is the method by which the doctors use the Clear Aligner 3D Braces Tray to move the teeth to the desired position. As with the Invisalign method, it also has transparent trays, so other people rarely recognize them.


  • This type has transparent colors, so it is more convenient for the case where a lot of communication is required.
  • Not to mention, the removable trays are convenient for comfortable eating. Easy oral hygiene and minimizes oral pathologies.
  • In addition, the trays are made from dental plastic, ensuring safety and body friendliness.


The cost is higher than that of other traditional types of brackets. Therefore, this is a method still considered by many people.

Growth braces

Currently, Dana Dental is one of the few dental clinics to offer growth braces to treat children aged 5 to 10. Growth braces are a technique that widens the arch at the first stage of the orthodontic process to correct for cases such as baby-teeth with crossbite, malocclusion or anterior open bite,etc. Widening the arch will change facial features and help the face look more aesthetic.

One thing that can not fail to mention is that: With the motto that”Our clinic take Heart and Pretige as a guideline, take quality and customer satisfaction as the foundation for development”, Dana Dental is really a reliable address for you to choose when deciding to go to get braces in Da Nang city. Don’t wait any longer, come to our Dental Clinic to verify and feel what a 5-star Dental Clinic has to offer.

How much is braces in Da Nang at Dana Dental?

Depending on the orthodontic methods, the price is also different. The following is a reference price for braces services at Dana Dental. Customers can refer to know how much braces cost in Da Nang city:

Braces Price List at Dana Dental

The price of braces at Dana Dental is neither cheap nor expensive. It is suitable and commensurate to high-end materials, modern machines serving customers during treatment. Beside that, the services and the space is 5-star standard, the highly skilled doctors and specialists from Ho Chi Minh city with more than 10 years of experience. And there are many things that when customers come to us, they can only compliment us on our services.

Braces – Orthodontics Price List

Service Price (VND) Unit
Metal braces – Easy
30.000.000 2 Jaws
Metal braces – Medium
35.000.000 2 Jaws
Metal braces – Hard
40.000.000 2 Jaws
Ceramic Braces
9.000.000 Cost plus
Self-ligating braces
12.000.000 Cost plus
Space closure Molar
9.000.000 Cost plus
Prosthesis Space Creation
7.000.000 1 Case
Intrusion/Extrusion Orthodontics
12.000.000 1 Case
Orthodontic retainer function
1.000.000 1 Jaw
Transparent braces – Invisalign Lite
70.000.000 2 Jaws
Transparent braces – Invisalign Moderate Level 1 90.000.000 2 Jaws
Transparent braces – Invisalign Moderate Level 2 105.000.000 2 Jaws
Transparent braces – Invisalign Full Level 1 115.000.000 2 Jaws
Transparent braces – Invisalign Full Level 2 130.000.000 2 Jaws
Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders with trays
5.000.000 2 Jaws

*Note: The braces above are for reference only. If the customers want to know specific details, they can refer to the braces price list or visit directly to Dana Dental Clinic for specific advice.

Forms of payment for expenses at Dana Dental Clinic

At Dana Dental, in addition to being directly treated by a team of experienced and specialized doctors, well cared for by our consultants, customers are also supported in paying for treatment costs by flexible payment methods and installment policies. It will give customers complete peace of mind to experience the international standard of dental services. Specifically:

  • Pay directly in cash, bank transfer or swipe a payment card.
  • Pay 1 time or more according to the treatment schedule.
  • Installment by credit card of all Banks.

Braces on installment plan in Da Nang city

Currently, Dana Dental has policies on dental implants in Da Nang city. Customers do not have to worry about excessive costs. We guarantee everyone would have natural and firm Implants. With the association with many banks, customers will be supported extremely quickly to pay by installment on porcelain crowns in Da Nang city. The following are the conditions for participating in the braces installment at Dana Dental:

  • Full of documents: Driver’s license, family registration, ID card/Passport,…
  • Clear income certification.
  • Prepay from 10-20% depending on the services.
  • Has a good liquidity history.
  • Pay by installments from 6 – 12 months selected by the customers.

If you want more information about braces in Da Nang city or make an appointment, contact us right away via hotline 0788 588 588 or go to Inbox Fanpage!

about Dental Braces

Do the braces hurt? How long before the pain is gone?

Whether the braces are painful or not depends on how well you take care of the new set of braces. You will feel pain during the braces process due to the force exerted by the orthodontic appliance to apply pressure on the teeth to push them into the correct position on the arch. Usually the pain state of the braces is only from the first 3-5 days after attachment and the first days when the elastic or coil springs to move the teeth.

The pain goes down and you will only feel discomfortable because you are not used to having braces on your teeth. After 5-10 days you will run out of that feeling and get used to living with that set of braces. The pain level will also be gradually reduced when you know how to clean your teeth as well as eat properly as prescribed by your treating doctor.

Ways to relieve pain when beginning braces?

If the pain is excessive, you can go back to your doctor for further advice and work on it for you. You can also apply a few effective pain reliefs to the braces below:

  • Use ice-bag, cold foods and drinks: Pain relieves, giving you more comfort when you use ice on a sore area, or you can use creams to help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.
  • Rinse mouth with warm salt water: Rinse mouth with salt water to help reduce ulceration, heat in mouth, gums rubbed into brackets. You should rinse your mouth with warm salt water for 60 seconds to reduce irritation and ulceration.
  • Eating soft food: Your teeth when braces will be weak and decrease the ability to chew, moreover, you will have a lot of pain when having brackets on your teeth, so using soft food will help relieve pain.
  • Use painkillers: It is recommended to be taken only when it is urgent, you can not bear pain without going to the doctor right away. You should ask the treating doctor in advance about any medications that may be taken, and not to use painkillers indiscriminately.
How long do braces take?

The duration of a braces case depends on the degree of malocclusion, oral health, subject and method of braces which ranges from 18-36 months. That process takes place as follows:

  • In the first 9 months: The teeth will be rearranged evenly on the arch.
  • Next 3-6 months: The dentist will adjust the tooth axis.
  • 6-9 months later: This is the time to repair the malocclusion.
  • Last 6-9 months: The teeth and occlusion after returning to the desired position should be kept fixed and maintained.
What are the best and the fastest type of braces available today?

Above, you have also known about the advantages and disadvantages of braces methods as well as certain assessments of the effect of each technique. As can be seen, Invisalign transparent braces are the most modern method that currently possesses outstanding advantages in terms of both aesthetics, effect and shortening the duration of treatment.

Braces with Invisalign have been proven by experts to be faster than traditional braces methods by a minimum of 4-6 months. At the same time, the examination process is not very frequent because you can replace the braces yourself at home as directed by your doctor. The duration of the Invisalign braces follow-up examination is typically approximately 6 – 8 weeks per visit depending on the period of orthodontic.

The appropriate age for braces?

The first stage suitable for braces is when the child is 7 – 11 years old. The doctor will monitor the mixed dentition for the purpose of prophylaxis, intervention, correction of misalignments, creating the right jawbone space for the permanent teeth to grow. There are common problems such as deep bite, overbite or malocclusion,… that can be eliminated with functional devices.

In the second stage, when the child is 12-17 years old, the jawbone develops more firmly, in accordance with the intervention, the teeth have fully grown. This is the best stage for braces with brackets. The goal of this treatment phase is to move the teeth and rearrange the teeth to achieve optimal aesthetic and functional results.

Unlike children, at the age of 18 – 30 years old, their body has developed completely, bones and teeth are no longer soft, so the duration of braces in this period will be prolonged. At the age of 30, braces will be of low efficiency and the duration of treatment will be longer when young. Although the time may be longer than otherwise, braces at age 30 are not inadmissible. Orthodontics can be performed and get the desired results with the visit, advice and commitment of the Dentist who specializes in orthodontics.

Which braces are the cheapest?

There must be a lot of people who care about the price of braces as well as wondering which braces are the cheapest today. If the above methods of braces are compared, the braces with metal brackets have the lowest price and still provide the desired effect. Therefore, up to now, there are still few people who choose this method to align teeth to correct misaligned teeth, protruding teeth, underbite and malocclusion.

Do braces have to be tooth extracted?

The issue of whether or not to extract is also one of the things to pay attention to when using braces that are of interest to many people. This problem will be prescribed by the doctor after the examination and measured thoroughly by specialized orthodontic software.

The first premolar is almost exclusively extracted in orthodontics, however there may also be other teeth depending on the cases or wisdom teeth to pull the entire jaw in conjunction with the minivis. However, there is no need to worry too much because with the current methods, tooth extraction is the maximum restriction for the patients. The best experience is to visit the dentist in person to get the correct information.

The proper diet for braces?

This is an experience that cannot be overlooked because eating is very important. Because during the braces and wearing brackets, the ties successively exert traction on the teeth during the movement phase, the jaw bone is also in the phase of change if it is subjected to bad impacts, the direction of movement will deviate from the doctor’s treatment plan.

  • Eat soft, easy to swallow to ensure sufficient nutrients without affecting the ties.
  • Limit eating hard, tough, too hot or too cold, irritants,… These foods can even break the brackets
  • Limit ingestion of sticky food, high in sugars because the sugar will cause decay, affect the enamel if not cleaned, damage the teeth, affect the treatment process.
  • After removing the brackets, the shift to the right position on the arch is still not stable, so it is important to note that eating should still be done as during braces to ensure better orthodontic effect.
Instructions on how to maintain oral hygiene during braces?

Use a soft bristles brush as it easily penetrates corners and interdental and does not cause adverse damage. Brush your teeth at least 4-5 times a day according to the following schedule:

  • The first time: immediately after you wake up. After a long night, plaque on the teeth is inevitable. The brushing time is at least 4 minutes.
  • The second time: brush quickly after breakfast to reject food.
  • The third time: in the middle of the afternoon, because after the morning, plaque has formed on the teeth.
  • For the fourth time: brush it up immediately after dinner to reject food.
  • The fifth time: before bedtime. You can also use dental floss instead of brush.

If you are not able to brush your teeth after lunch, at least rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. When brushing your teeth, also don’t forget to clean your gums and tongue.

Regularly change the brushes. It is best to replace it as soon as it becomes fibrous, and it should be replaced more than once every 3 months.

Be careful not to hit the plastic part on the back of the brush against the wing of brackets because it can be harmful to the brackets. In addition, if you use an electric brush, it should be used at a moderate rotation speed to avoid damaging or dropping the brackets.

How to brush : Place the brush on the part of the tooth which contacts the gums, turning small circles. You can push the brush bristles under the steel wire above and under the brackets to remove the food and plaque under the steel wire. You must make sure that the brush bristles rest on the gums and teeth. If you rest the brush on the labial wire, the brush is away from the gums and brushing will not work.

Specialized Brush (Interdental Brush): The interdental brush is very effective for removing large amounts of food debris, this tool also needs daily use to remove plaque on teeth and gums. Crimp the steel wire part of the brush to make the proper angle. Insert the brush under the labial wire, direction from gum to the bite edge, brush slowly for 15 times, from one bracket to another. After using the interdental brush for each bracket, use a conventional brush in the manner instructed above.

Dental Floss: Use dental floss at least once a day, preferably after all meals. When you are wearing brackets, it is difficult to pass through under the wire but there are special tools to support it, which are dental floss picks and a special type of floss.

Fluoride: Always use toothpaste and fluoride-based mouthwash. They protect and harden the teeth during the entire orthodontic process.

Another note: it is necessary to eat properly, avoid foods with high risk of tooth decay, hard and sticky food such as caramel, gum…, do not snack, do not eat high-sugar food before going to bed without brushing your teeth again. In addition, regular dental checks are necessary for you to promptly detect oral problems as well as correct improper oral hygiene methods.

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