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Dana Dental – The address for dental fillings in Da Nang is prestigious, quality, and reasonably priced, chosen by many customers. With a team of experienced, well-trained doctors and the most modern equipment. Dana Dental – Confidently bring customers Healthy – Beautiful – Perfect teeth!

Dental filling or Tooth filling is a dental technique that uses artificial materials to fill in the missing tooth tissue to restore function and anatomy due to tooth decay, fracture due to trauma or tooth wear. Fillings are also used to restore after other dental treatments such as root canal treatment, etc.

Is dental filling painful? Materials for tooth fillings? Are dental fillings durable? What are the criteria to choose a reputable and quality dental filling in Da Nang? All questions about dental fillings will be answered specifically and in detail through the article below.

What is dental filling? Which cases should be filled?

Dental Filling is a technique that uses filling materials to fill gaps and fill defective tooth tissue caused by dental caries. It regenerates the original shape and size of the tooth, and helps restore the functions of the tooth. Besides, it is not necessary to grind or cover the teeth, so it does not affect the structure of the teeth.

Which cases need Tooth filling?

Cases in which fillings need to be performed include:

  • Dental caries: Widespread holes in the teeth caused by bacteria can damage the dental pulp and spread to the other teeth. To avoid this condition, clean the cavities of the decayed teeth and combine with filling by appropriate dental materials is the most optimal method.
  • Worn teeth: If you brush your teeth too hard with a bristle brush, the enamel of the neck teeth will dwindle away, then exposes the dentin layer. Teeth will become very sensitive with hot or cold foods and drinks, sometimes causing a sensation of tooth decay.
  • Injured teeth: Unexpected accidents that cause teeth to be chipped, broken and no longer be sure as before. The functions of the teeth is therefore impaired. After filling, the teeth will be resource to their original shape. Ensure the good performance of the chewing and biting function of the teeth as well as the aesthetics of them.

Aesthetic defects of teeth: Teeth may have congenital defects. For example, too wide interdental spaces, teeth sparse, or teeth affected by external agents cause discoloration. Composite materials are the best choice to help improve the aesthetic needs of teeth.

Avoiding the case where the wormhole destroys the pulp and spreads to other teeth, the dentist will clean the wormhole and incorporate welding

Filling is a simple technique but also requires a lot of skill and meticulousness. It is done quickly, does not take long time but has many effects in protecting strong teeth. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the routine of scaling tartar every 6 months to detect oral diseases in a timely manner.

In summary, dental filling is a relatively simple dental treatment, which restores the damage of teeth and prevents the entry of chemicals and bacteria that adversely affect the enamel. Cases such as dental caries, worn neck teeth, dental trauma, dental defects,etc. need to be filled to prevent more severe complications and increase the aesthetics of the teeth.

Harmful effect when tooth decay is not treated in a timely manner

Currently, there are quite a few people who tend to delay or not treat caries (fillings) when teeth are decayed even severe tooth decay. Filling of caries is now commonly used with extremely simple techniques. But for many reasons, the patients who came to the clinic had very bad tooth decay. The major effects on systemic health as well as oral health are as follows:

The function of eating and chewing is greatly affected

Tooth decay makes the teeth sensitivity and uneasy to eat and chew. On the other hand, It create holes in the tooth surface, food easily settles in the deep hole, creating unpleasant breath smell and compressing down the gum causing pain when eating and chewing. Big cavity take many tissues or only the roots left will not be strong enough to perform the function of chewing.

răng sâu chỉ còn chân răng cần được nhổ bỏ - nha khoa dana địa chỉ nhổ răng uy tín tài đà nẵng
Tooth decay has only root left that cannot fill, it will be extract

Highly susceptible to inflammation

You need to know that the food is settled in the cavity and with the fact that you avoid chewing to the side of the sensitive teeth is easy to create tartar and it has increased the risk of oral inflammation. In addition, the cavity in the interdental space, the food trapped under the gum causes pain, bleeding and increases the risk of gingivitis in the interdental space. On the other hand, dental caries also reveal dentin organization, which is a favorable factor for bacteria to enter the dental pulp. The caries may break due to the loss of many tissues causing the opening of the pulp. Affected dental pulp will cause serious consequences such as: toothache, death pulp, pulp infection and many local or diffuse complications of infection. It effects on oral and systemic health in the long run.

High risk of tooth loss

The decayed teeth only have roots left, inflamed teeth in a long time are not preserved and filled. It is imperative that you must be extracted your teeth.

  • It has a bit influence on the aesthetic function: Caries will be discolored dark black, along with breaking teeth, teeth with holes. Especially in the area of the incisors that will have a heavy aesthetic impact that makes you not confident in your communication. Impact on work, daily life.
  • Causes of caries in neighboring teeth: Caries in interdental teeth causes food to be trapped in the interdental teeth. The food trapped for a long time will make many of the teeth next to it become be decayed.

Evaluation Criteria for Dental Clinic about Good and high-quality Dental Filling in Da Nang city?

Filling is a simple prosthetic procedure. So this service is offered at any dental clinics. However, not all clinics ensure the quality you want. Therefore, customers should pay attention to choosing prestigious addresses to avoid the risks and do not waste your time and money. You should be aware of the followings:

  • The prestigious dental address is the place that must be licensed to operate the licenses by the Ministry of Public Health in Da Nang city.
  • Gather together a team of highly specialized and experienced doctors.
  • Standardized infrastructure such as clean dental rooms, sterile medical instruments, good service quality.
  • Machinery, equipment, dental materials must ensure the quality. They have stricly control by the Ministry of Public Health.

nha khoa dana chuyên implant đà nẵng

Spacious facilities, clean clinic is the first plus point when coming to Dana Dental

In addition, you can also refer to the customer’s review first. From there, you can choose the best and highest quality dental fillings in Da Nang city.

Dana Dental – Prestige and Quality address of dental fillings in Da Nang, VietNam

In Da Nang city, Dana Dental is one of the most prestigious dental addresses by customers. Dana Dental fully meets the elements of a quality dental clinic. Including:

  • Dana Dental has been be licensed to operate the licenses clearly. Dental machinery and equipment are imported from abroad and verified the quality by the Ministry of Public Health. Modern technology transferred from advanced countries and ensure the accuracy of the implementation process as well as modern techniques.
  • Doctors are all specialized, fully qualified and highly skilled people. Meticulously mastered in each operation, helps the filling blend into a homogeneous block with the real teeth, ensuring that the teeth after filling will eat and chew normally and maintain long-term results on the teeth.
  • The regime of professional, conscientious and attentive care and warranty. The doctor will instruct you how to take better care of the teeth so that the fillings last the longest. Also, at DANA DENTAL, we have a quality assurance of filling for you even if you have already completed the process. The warranty is clear and the cost is reasonable.

Procedure for Filling a Cavity at Dana Dental

As a prestigious address, Dana Dental performs the dental fillings process in accordance with medical standards in Da Nang city. Consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Visiting and consultations

The doctor will check-up your teeth, take the radiographic methods as necessary to observe the cavity or hole to be filled. Depending on the condition, you will be advised on the appropriate types of dental fillings.

Step 2: Oral Hygiene

If you have caries, you need to remove it first with a caries removal technique, so that the neighboring teeth are not affected. The caries should be separated by a dental dam from the oral cavity if you use Composite material. Because this material will not bond well when it comes in contact with water.

Step 3: Filling the teeth

First, it is possible that the doctor will give anesthesia (when necessary) for cases where the tooth is too bad and cause the patient to have a previous pain so that the patient no longer feels it when filling the tooth.

The doctor will use specialized tools to clean the food crumbs, the deep dentin in the hole. Next, the doctor uses the drill to shape the filling cavity suitable for each type of filling material and each different technique.

Once the decayed area has been cleaned, the doctor will perform a cosmetic fillings procedure to cover the caries in each operation as follows:

  • Apply a mild acid solution to the restorative tooth (Etching).
  • Apply a layer of Bonding adhesive.
  • Photopolymerization lamp with led light for dry bonding layer.
  • The composite material will be filled in thin layers (more or less depending on the teeth), the doctor will shape the filling according to the shape of the real teeth.
  • Shine the photopolymerization lamp so that the Composite and the teeth form a homogeneous block.
  • Check if the customer is annoyed with the fillings or any high spots then correct them.

dental fillings in da nang

Dental fillings. Image Credit: Alila Medical Media

Step 4: Polishing the filling

After filling, the filling area may be rough, the doctor will cut and grind to smooth the filling area. Remove the dam, check the chewing activity of the teeth so that the customer can feel comfortable, avoid the material annoying the customer.

How much is dental fillings at Dana Dental in Da Nang city

The cost of them will have many prices for customers to choose. It also depends on the type of material that used to fill the teeth, the quality of the dental clinic and the client’s oral health.

Dental fillings price list at Dana Dental

The price of dental caries, worn neck teeth, aesthetic fillings at Dana Dental is neither cheap nor expensive. It is suitable and commensurate to high-end materials, modern machines serving customers during treatment. Beside that, the services and the space is 5-star standard, the high skilled doctors and specialists from Ho Chi Minh city with more than 10 years of experience. And there are many things that when customers come to us, they can only compliment us on our services.Below is a reference price list of dental fillings in Da Nang at Dana Dental:

Teeth Filling Price List

Service Price (VND) Unit
Cosmetic filling of occlusal molar teeth 200.000 1 Tooth
Cosmetic filling of lateral molar teeth 400.000 1 Tooth
Abrasion Filling 300.000 1 Tooth
Cosmetic filling of anterior teeth 500.000 1 Tooth
Interdental Filling / Surface Filling 800.000 1 Tooth
Pulp Covering 500.000 1 Tooth
Fiber post / Restoring abutment teeth 1.000.000 1 Tooth
Tooth Piercing – Your Jewelry 300.000 1 Tooth
Tooth Piercing – Stone of Dentistry 1.000.000 1 Tooth
Filling baby teeth 150.000 1 Tooth
Apply Verni Flour, Dental Sealants 200.000 1 Tooth

*** Note: The above price list is for reference only. Customers can go directly to Dana Dental for specific advice

Forms of payment for expenses at Dana Dental Clinic

At Dana Dental, in addition to being directly treated by a team of experienced and specialized doctors, well cared for by our consultants, customers are also supported in paying for treatment costs by flexible payment methods and installment policies. It will give customers have completely peace of mind to experience the international standard of dental services. Specifically:

  • Pay directly in cash, bank transfer or swipe a payment card.
  • Pay 1 time or more according to the treatment schedule.
  • Installment by credit card of all Banks.

Dana Dental is proud to be one of the dentistry addresses that have applied state-of-the-art technologies in Da Nang, serving multiform cosmetic dentistry services. If you have any questions about root canal treatment in Da Nang, please contact us via Hotline +84 788 588 588 or Inbox for specific advice.

about Dental Filling

Does it hurt to fill your teeth?

Does it hurt when fill the teet will answered depend on many factors such as: facilities of dentistry, doctors’ skills as well as technology. If you have the right choice for quality dental address, perform a completely painless operation.

Because during the process, the doctor give an injects anesthesia in the area of the tooth to be treated, limiting the feeling of pain and helping you have a more comfortable mindset. Besides, if the doctor has good techniques, modern aids, etc. will help the process of filling teeth go quickly and conveniently.

Can the dental fillings decay again?

The filled teeth decay agian are considered to be complications after the filling. And many people experience this condition that makes them suffer the pain caused by tooth decay. Therefore, many people think that to fill your teeth and it cannot decay agian all your life, it is completely wrong.

In the opinion of dental specialists, caries fillings again are caused by improper fillings or technical errors. If the caries and tooth tissues are not cleaned, the remaining healthy tooth tissue is attacked by bacteria. Therefore, the teeth after filling will be decayed again.

In addition, when the technique in the process of filling is not guaranteed, it can make the filling easily peel off in a short time and the bacteria will have a chance to attack and destroy the teeth. Caries will occur more quickly in the teeth after filling. And to avoid caries back due to the wrong technique or the incorrect procedure, you should pay attention to choosing a reputable and high-quality dental clinics.

How long does it take to fill your teeth?

The filling method usually takes at least 15 – 20 minutes to complete. There are cases of up to 45 – 60 minutes, even if the cavity is large and heavy, it will usually be monitored and completed after 2 appointments.

What do you do after filling your teeth?

After a filled tooth, if feel sensitive, the patient needs to go to a reputable dental facility to be checked-up, consulted and supported in timely treatment, avoid sensitisation in a long time, damaging your teeth and roots, affecting your diet and health.

What should do after filling?

In order for the filling effect to last for a long time, it is very important to take care of the teeth after filling. Therefore, the following requirements should be observed to obtain the expected results:

– Not to chew or eat within 2 hours after filling to ensure that the filling is hard, firm and adheres to the teeth.

– Limit the hard foods that require strong biting and chewing forces, it can damage the tooth filling.

– Clean your mouth, rinse your mouth with warm saltwater daily to help sanitize the mouth area.

In addition, it is also recommended to have regular oral health checkups about every 6 months so that the doctor can check the condition of the filling, offer quickly and timely solutions if problems occur.

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