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Periodontitis is a condition in which the periodontal tissues become infected, causing bad breath, red swollen gums, painful bleeding gums. This is one of the most common oral diseases. Although the progress is slow, but if not treated in time, it can easily cause dangerous complications, tooth loss.

Signs of Periodontitis? Is periodontal treatment painful? How to prevent periodontal disease? What are the criteria to choose a good and effective periodontal treatment dentistry in Da Nang? All of the above questions will be answered in detail and through the article below.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontics is the whole tissues of structure around teeth that includes gums, alveolar bones, and periodontal ligaments. Their functions is an important in supporting and holding the teeth firmly in the jaw bone. Periodontitis is the condition that these parts are inflamed or injured causing them to be unable to perform their duties in protecting the health of the teeth, resulting in the risk of tooth loss.

What Causes Periodontitis

The main cause of periodontitis is bacteria present in dental plaque. When the oral hygiene is not properly cleaned, food plaques have accumulated either above or below the gum line and roots causing irritation to gingivitis, redness, lack of firmness, swelling, easy bleeding.

Tooth tartar/ dental plaque and after teeth cleaning in dana dental

Illustration : Tooth tartar (Lime teeth, Dental Calculus) and after teeth cleaning

As the plaque moves to the stage of forming a strong plaque called tartar (a.k.a lime teeth, or dental calculus) on the teeth, the gums become more heavily inflamed and then develop into periodontitis.

Dental plaque formation

After your meal about 15 minutes, It will be a thin film on the tooth surface. If this membrane is not cleaned, the bacteria will come and accumulate thicker and thicker, called plaque. Bacteria in plaque produce acids. These acids can destroy tooth enamel and cause cavities and gingivitis (gum disease).

There is a study that shows that about 70% of plaque weight is bacteria, it means 1mg plaque (the size of a toothpick) contains up to 1 billion bacteria.

When the plaque is soft, it can be cleaned from the tooth surface with a brush or dental floss. But when it has been for a long time, the plaque is calcified by the inorganic salt compound in the saliva and the soft residue becomes hard, it hold very firmly to the tooth surface or under the edge of the gums, called tartar (teeth lime). Until now, only the doctors can clean and remove it with specialized tools. Is called Scaling/clean dental plaque or Teeth cleaning/teeth scaling.

lấy cao răng tại đà nẵng

Image of the Doctor removing teeth lime with a dedicated ultrasonic lime scraper

In addition, there are many reasons that increases the risks of periodontitis such as:

  • Improper daily oral hygiene causes plaque and bacteria to remain in the oral cavity
  • Smoking more cigarettes
  • The hormonal changes in the body such as: women during pregnancy or after menopause…
  • The immune system is weakened in people with diabetes, AIDS, cancer…
  • The drug side effects such as antihistamines, antidepressants… reduce saliva secretion and create favourable conditions for the growth of bacteria.

Signs to help you recognize periodontitis soon

Periodontitis originates in gingivitis, so people are often subjective until they find out that the disease moves to the periodontitis stage. Therefore, if you are experiencing one of the symptoms below, please visit a prestigious dental center for periodontal treatment as soon as possible:

Signs to help you recognize periodontitis or gum disease
The gum is swollen, redness in periodontal diseases
  • The gums change color from pink to red or dusky red, swollen, easy bleeding, looser, not clinging to the roots.
  • The gingiva is dropped to reveal the root of the tooth causing sensitive, not aesthetics
  • Plaque is much higher, accumulated around the root and the neck forming black or dark streaks.
  • Unpleasant smelling breath
  • The teeth are loose and widely spaced teeth step by step.
  • Have a painful feeling in the gums when eating or chewing
  • Pus gingivitis.

Why does periodontitis need to be treated early?

Periodontal disease is divided into many levels from mild to severe, initially the disease does not show any abnormalities, next when touching the gums will cause bleeding, finally when the disease is severe, even when not touch the gums, it also automatically bleeds and pus.

đau răng
Periodontitis Painful Teeth

Periodontitis without early treatment can lead to many dangerous harms and complications such as:

Teeth loose

Periodontitis damages and destroys the structures around the teeth, the gums are slipping down, the periodontal ligament system, the alveolar bones are destroyed. Pus-containing periodontal pockets appear to cause painful swelling, wobbly teeth and lose teeth. If prolonged, the disease can cause you to lose teeth en masse, even destroying both the jawbone and gums, it make these organs cannot be irreversible.

Leads to many dangerous pathologies

Periodontitis Bacteria penetrate deep into the structures inside the teeth, go down to the pulp, follow the bloodstream into the body, cause dangerous complications and pathologies such as cardiovascular disease, lung disease, premature birth, diabetes,etc.

Bad breath

Directly affect the daily life of patients, making them lack of confidence in communication.

Pain and Clutter ingestion

The damage of periodontal tissue around the teeth makes the patients feel pain, uncomfortable when eating and may affect the temporomandibular joint syndrome.

Current treatments for periodontitis

Because the development of periodontal diseases is quite complex and divide into various stages so depending on the condition of the disease, the doctor will give the customers the appropriate treatment that will be effective and cost-effective for the them.

Mild periodontitis: With this case, the doctor will clean the plaque and the lime (tartar) around the teeth with ultrasound scraper. Also you will be instructed to properly take care of your teeth at home and maintain regular follow-up appointments to monitor the progress of the disease, so that timely measure is taken.

Growing periodontitis: At this stage, there may be periodontal pockets (pus), the doctor will apply emergency treatments to remove the periodontal pockets to overcome damage to the tissues around the teeth by surgical flap grafting, artificial bone grafting,… to keep the teeth not loose. At the same time, the doctor performs to seal the root canal in order to prevent bacteria from penetrating deeply and destroying the root.

Severe periodontitis, loss of teeth: If it is no longer possible to preserve the teeth, the doctor will extract the tooth and advise you on prosthetic dentistry methods.

Evaluation Criteria for Dental Clinic about Prestigious and Safe Periodontal Treatment in Da Nang city?

For more information on the high-quality and prestigious dentistry about periodontal treatment in Da Nang city, customers must thoroughly look into the following factors:

  • The dentist must be experienced and professional skilled, well qualified, especially specialized in odonto-stomatology, and have successfully performed many treatment cases.
  • State-of-the-art machine system for accurate test parameters and well-supported for treatment.
  • Prestigious dental center, trusted by many people, successfully implemented on many actual customers, with dedicated staff, good after-sales support services.

You can find out these information on the Internet through the Official Website and Fanpage of dentists. A thorough look will help you to get the right choices to answer the questions of “Where to treat periodontal diseases well in Da Nang city”.

Dana Dental – Safe, effective teeth cleaning and periodontal treatment address in Da Nang

nha khoa dana chuyên implant đà nẵng
The most prestigious Dental Clinic in Da Nang city – Dana Dental

You can be completely assured of the best quality of services, treatment efficiency and oral health protection through treating periodontitis or removing tartar at Dana Dental, because:

  • You are examined, consulted and directly treated by highly skilled doctors, with more than 10 years of experience in dental treating, maxillofacial problems, successfully performed thousands of treatment cases.
  • The whole examination and treatment process is carried out in specialized rooms with advanced machinery, modern equipment, the best treating aids imported directly from Europe to ensure fastly, accurately, safety and efficiently.
  • The tools, the instruments and the equipment that used for examination and treatment are always thoroughly cleaned and aseptic to avoid cross-contamination with standard closed sterile process.
  • Always enthusiastic, dedicated and put the benefits of the customers first.
  • Support counseling, care, and reminders for routine visits.

Dana Dental’s Periodontitis Treatment Process in Da Nang city

Examination, Consultation and X-ray

The doctor take a general examination of your oral situation to determine the state and course of gingivitis and periodontitis.

After that, the patients will be take an X-ray. It will provide data on the jaw bone structure, helping the doctor plan the most effective treatment.

Treatment of periodontitis

Depending on the condition and course of the diseases, the doctors at Dana Dental will apply the appropriate treatment to provide the best effect.

Instructions for post-treatment’s oral care

After completing the treatment process, the doctor will guide the cleaning and care properly to have long lasting teeth. You will also be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to monitor your oral health.

To keep your teeth strong, your mouth is always sweet-smelling, clean, the prevention is best. The best measures to prevent the diseases are:

  • Brush your teeth cleanly daily after meals and in the evenings before bed, brushing both the teeth’s surface inside and outside.
  • Clean the interdental spaces with dental floss, where the toothbrush cannot be cleaned.
  • Should be tartar removed every 6 months, even if the periodontal condition is severe then 3-4 months need to visit and scale tartar at dental clinics.

How much does it cost to treat Periodontitis in Da Nang city at Dana Dental?

Teeth cleaning and Periodontal treatment Price List at Dana Dental?

The cost of treating periodontitis and scaling tartar at Dana Dental fluctuates depending on your condition. You can refer to the price list below:

Periodontal Treatment Price List

Service Price (VND) Unit
Teeth cleaning and polishing periodically 150.000 2 Jaws
Teeth cleaning and polishing 1 time 250.000 2 Jaws
Teeth cleaning and polishing 2 times 350.000 2 Jaws
Simple periodontal pocket treatment 500.000 1 Tooth
Complicated Periodontal pocket treatment 1.200.000 1 Tooth
Surgical treatment of Periodontitis 15.000.000 1 Jaw
Gum Contouring – Gingivectomy 500.000 1 Tooth
Gum Contouring – Gingivectomy with Osseous Surgery and Gingivoplasty 1.000.000 đ 1 Tooth
Removing the Operclum
500.000 1 Tooth
Incision and drainage of abscess 500.000 1 Case
Labial, Lingual Frenectomy 1.000.000 1 Case
Apicoectomy in anterior tooth 1.500.000 1 Tooth
Apicoectomy in anterior tooth with reverse tooth filling
2.500.000 1 Tooth
Apicoectomy posterior tooth 3.000.000 1 Tooth
Apicoectomy posterior tooth with reverse tooth filling 5.000.000 1 Tooth
Apicoectomy with bone graft and Collagen resorption membrane 5.000.000 1 Tooth
Gummy Smile Treatment: Gingivectomy 4.000.000 1 Jaw
Gummy Smile Treatment: Gingivectomy with Osseous Surgery and Gingivoplasty 8.000.000 1 Jaw
Gummy Smile Treatment with Botox 15.000.000 1 Process Therapy
Gummy Smile Treatment: Treatment with Lip Repositioning Technique 20.000.000 1 Process Therapy

*** Note: The above price list is for reference only. Rates may vary depending on the client’s oral health status.For more information, you can directly visit the clinic or contact us via hotline 0788 588 588 for specific consultacy.

Forms of payment for expenses at Dana Dental Clinic

At Dana Dental, in addition to being directly treated by a team of experienced and specialized doctors, well cared for by our consultants, customers are also supported in paying for treatment costs by flexible payment methods and installment policies. It will give customers have completely peace of mind to experience the international standard of dental services. Specifically:

  • Pay directly in cash, bank transfer or swipe a payment card.
  • Pay 1 time or more according to the treatment schedule.
  • Installment by credit card of all Banks.

Dana Dental is proud to be one of the dentistry addresses that have applied state-of-the-art technologies in Da Nang, serving multiform cosmetic dentistry services. If you have any questions about root canal treatment in Da Nang, please contact us via Hotline +84 788 588 588 or Inbox for specific advice.

about Periodontal Diseases

Does tartar scaling affect your teeth?

When you have tartar (as known as calculus or lime teeth), dentists usually advise you to scale and polish your teeth about every 6 months. For the patients with severe periodontal diseases, scaling may be performed every 3 months, depending on the dentist’s indication. If you brush your teeth correctly and regularly at the right time, it will be limited the ability to take shape the lime teeth then you may need to scale your teeth only once a year.

So, does scaling tartar or teeth cleaning affect your teeth? The answer is no and on the contrary, scaling tartar also helps to avoid oral diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically check your teeth and scale them every 6 months to detect early oral disease and ensure oral health.

Does tartar scaling hurt?

For the people who scale tartar for the first time, they will feel their teeth on edge (painless). However, until the next time, that feeling will be gone.

In addition, bleeding can be seen. It is more or less depending on the condition of the lime teeth and the sensitivity of the individual. After that, drinking hot or cold water will make the tooth feel sensitive but it will go away in a few days.

Is it okay to scale tartar at home?

It is still possible by hand strenght with available tools on the market, or with some descaling agents, however the experts recommend that we should not perform at home because of the dangerous risks.

Since hard the tartar adheres to the teeth, which makes it very difficult to perform, along with the fact that we ourselves scrape it at home, we will not be able to observe each niche in the tooth carefully to scrape it, which may cause damage to the teeth and gums, and you will also not be able to clear all of them.

Therefore, the best way to safely scrape tartar is to arrange your time to go directly to the dental clinic to get high skilled doctors, many years of experience with professional equipment and tools to do it.

Does tartar scraling make your teeth whiter?

We confirm that tartar scaling is not tooth whitening. This is just a typical dental procedure to remove the tartar and plaque that the toothbrush can’t clean every day.

However, the doctor will help the customer clean and polish the teeth with specialized dental materials after that. The tooth polishing helps to clean the plaque left on the teeth, so the tooth surface will also be brighter than before.

How to take care of your teeth after Periodontics treatment?

The effectiveness of periodontal treatment depends greatly on the patient’s oral hygiene and care process after implementation. Yet to sustain the results of the periodontitis treatment long-lasting and minimize the disease from recurring again, you need to take the following oral care steps:

  • Brush your teeth properly with a soft bristle brush and brush gently at a 45-degree angle to avoid horizontal brushing as plaque on the gingival margins and space between the teeth is difficult to clean and easily damage to the gums and teeth.
  • Use dental floss to clean food between teeth instead of a hard toothpick.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and high acid foods.
  • Visit by appointment and scale tartar at regular intervals every 6 months.

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