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Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are attached to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance. They’re often made from porcelain or resin-composite materials and are permanently bonded to your teeth.

Are porcelain veneers durable? Is veneers painful? Should porcelain crown or porcelain veneers be better? What are the standards to choose a good and quality Dental Veneer in Da Nang? All of the above questions will be answered in detail and through the article below.

What is Porcelain Veneer? Which cases should do?

Porcelain Veneer teeth is a solution to treat yellowed, defective, cracked, broken teeth,… by applying porcelain veneer to the area of teeth to be treated. Unlike other solutions have to grind all surfaces of teeth to install porcelain crowns.

Porcelain Veneer using thin shells of porcelain (0.3 – 0.6mm) to apply to the front surface of the teeth to be treated. It protect the real teeth while minimizing tooth grinding during treatment. This is the different improvement of Porcelain Veneer with previous porcelain crowns methods.

Dental Veneer is the possible aesthetic solution that provides bright, even, beautiful white teeth without compromising your health as well as your teeth structure.

dán sứ veneer ở đà nẵng
Veneer is the most modern treatment solution for defective teeth
  • Dental atrition or too short root
  • Sparse teeth or have a gap between the teeth
  • Tooth is chipped, broken not more than 1/3 of the crown’s size due to injury or accident
  • The teeth are slightly misaligned or the size of the teeth is not even
  • The teeth are stained yellow due to antibiotics, smoking regularly,… However, bleaching no longer works.

những trường hợp nên dùng mặt dán sứ veneer

Cases where porcelain veneers should be applied

Cases of contraindications of Porcelain Veneer method

  • Severe crooked teeth and malocclusion
  • Severe periodontitis
  • Severe caries or teeth that have root canal treatment
  • Distance and space between sparse teeth is too large
  • Completely undeveloped teeth in body shape

các trường hợp không nên dán sứ veneer đà nẵng

Cases should not use Porcelain Veneer

Advantages and disadvantages of Porcelain Veneer Technique

Dental Veneer is an advanced technology and a trendsetter of modern dentistry. However, apart from the advantages, there are still certain disadvantages.

Advantages of Porcelain / Dental Veneer

Porcelain veneers are safe and non-irritating

The veneer material is coated with a porcelain layer with good abrasion resistance. As a result, it does not cause irritation or chemical reactions in the oral environment. Make sure the gums are secure. Despite its long-term use, it is not contaminated with color.

Restoring natural aesthetics

After the process of hot-pressing with high temperature by modern technology, the porcelain veneer will achieve a bright and delicate whiteness. In addition, veneer is designed in the same color as the patient’s real teeth. As a result, it creates color uniformity for the teeth and restores perfect aesthetics. The patient is free to chew and communicate without fear of being noticed by others.

Preserve the real teeth at most

Dental Veneer is a combination of advanced porcelain paste technology and maximum real teeth preservation. Therefore, only an extremely thin layer needs to be ground on the surface so the real teeth will be protected at most.

Protect the dental pulp in the best way

Pulp is always considered the source of life for teeth. The occurrence of a collision or death pulp will result in many consequences for oral health. With little to no grinding rate, Veneer does not affect tooth structure or penetrate tooth tissue deeply. Therefore, during the attaching process, absolutely no condition affecting the dental pulp or death pulp.

Disadvantages of Dental Veneer

This method is only applicable to cases of slightly misaligned teeth, protruding teeth, and mild underbite. For cases with severe malocclusion such as edge-to-edge bite, crossbite, it will not be as effective as desired.

Since this method requires high technical level of both the Lab and the doctor, so the cost of the treatment will be higher than that of a porcelain crowns.

Evaluation Criteria for Prestigious Dental Veneers in Da Nang city?

In order to know where clinics in Da Nang city is good, customers must thoroughly look into the following factors:

  • The prestigious dental address is the place that must be licensed to operate the licenses by the Ministry of Public Health in Da Nang city.
  • The dentist must be experienced and professional skilled, well qualified, especially specialized in odonto-stomatology, and have successfully performed many treatment cases.
  • State-of-the-art machine system for accurate test parameters and well-supported for treatment.
  • Prestigious dental center, trusted by many people, successfully implemented on many actual customers, with dedicated staff, good after-sales support services.

You can find out this information on the Internet through the Official Website and Fanpage of dental clinics. A thorough study will help you to get the right choices to help answer the question of where the good clinics to put veneer in Da Nang city.

Dana Dental – Quality Porcelain Veneer Address in Da Nang city

Making Veneer at Dana Dental gives you the following advantages:

  • A naturally beautiful smile.
  • Enhances jaw firmness.
  • Increased aesthetics for teeth in size.
  • Helps you get bright, beautiful and even white teeth.
  • Improves teeth color, makes teeth whiter and brighter and increases aesthetics.
  • There’s no sensitive in the teeth, because it doesn’t affect the pulp.
  • Improves gummy smile as it helps limit the anterior gum (visible) every time you smile.
dán răng sứ veneer không mài răng tại đà nẵng

Dental Veneer at Dana Dental in Da Nang city

Dana Dental’s Porcelain Veneer Process in Da Nang city?

The biggest difference of Veneer compared to current porcelain crowns is the ultra-thin size of only 0.3 – 0.5mm. Therefore, the tooth body part needs very little grinding to help preserve the maximal real tooth tissue.

The process of applying Da Nang Veneer at Dana Dental is followed in the following specific steps:

Step 1: Visiting and consultating

The doctor will directly perform a general oral examination and treat any pathology if any. Next, we will analyze the facial aesthetic ratio and conduct a standard smile design. Give the clinical protocol to the customer.

khám tổng quát trước khi điều trị
Oral Medical Examination before Porcelain Veneer

Step 2: Oral Hygient

Thoroughly sanitize the client’s teeth and oral cavity to ensure that the inside of the mouth area is clean. All equipment made for customers is disinfected in accordance with the medical standard by the Ministry of Public Health.

Step 3: Anesthesia, tooth surface preparation

The doctor will give an anaesthesia and prepare the tooth surface to increase the adhesion of the veneer. Thereby helping porcelain veneer have the most beautiful shape teeth after mounting.

The doctor gives an anaesthesia and prepares the tooth surface to increase the adhesion of the Veneer

Step 4: Impress the teeth

The doctor will use dental rubber impression material to impress the teeth, conduct measurements and take samples to send to the lab for manipulating.

Step 5: Place the Veneer on the teeth

When applying porcelain veneer to the surface of the teeth, the doctor will use a Laser light to combine and perfect the teeth. In the process of applying porcelain veneer, doctors use dental and aesthetic techniques to adjust the arch, gums, teeth so that customers can have a beautiful smile and shine.

Step 6: Instructions after attaching the Veneer

For the diet

  • Healthy and scientific eating habits are needed to protect porcelain veneer and oral health.
  • After the first 2 hours after operation, customers can eat and drink normally. However, it is recommended to abstain from spicy and sour foods to ensure the adhesion between the two layers of teeth.
  • Regularly divide the bite force in both side. Avoid using once side too much and for too long.
  • Renounce the habit of using teeth to open the bottle cap, tear the packaging or chew hard, tough and brittle foods such as: gristle, cold ice, mangoes, grubbies,etc.
  • Minimize coloured drinking water to ensure good durability of the porcelain veneer as well as avoid tooth color contamination.
  • Consider a sufficient number of dark drinks or foods. Examples are: coffee, dark tea, soy sauce or wine. For that reason, Veneer teeth will not be stained or yellowed quickly.
  • Absolutely no smoking. Due to the fact that nicotine is contained in the smoke. It can cause plaque and bacteria to form on teeth quickly. Therefore, Veneer may lose its inherent bright white color.

About how to take care of your teeth

  • Use a soft brush to brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and evening before bed. Avoid damaging the gingival margins that contact with the Veneer.
  • It is recommended to use dental floss or a water flosser to remove the maximum amount of food plaque left on the interdental and surfaces of the tooth.
  • A mouthwash can be used to thoroughly clean the plaque on the oral cavity.

How much is Veneer porcelain paste in Da Nang at Dana Dental

Veneer prices are a major concern for clients in need of beauty, aesthetics and dental prosthetics at Dana Dental. How much the cost of Veneer services in Da Nang city is expensive or not depends on the following factors:

  • Qualification of the dentist.
  • The quality of each type of porcelain veneer materials.
  • Warranty mode for the customers.

Dana Dental Veneer Porcelain Patchwork Price List

Dana Dental uses 3 types of high-end ceramic paste recommended by many of the world’s leading dental professionals in terms of quality and durability. The customer can refer to the price list below:

Dental Veneers Price List

Service Price Unit
Digital Smile Design
1.000.000 đ 1 Tooth
IPS Emax Multi Porcelain Veneer
6.000.000 đ 1 Tooth
IPS Emax Press Multi Porcelain Veneer
7.500.000 đ 1 Tooth
Lava+ 3M Porcelain Veneer
8.000.000 đ 1 Tooth

*** Note: The above price list is for reference only. For more detailed cost information, customers can visit Dana Dental directly for specific advice.

Forms of payment for expenses at Dana Dental Clinic

At Dana Dental, in addition to being directly treated by a team of experienced and specialized doctors, well cared for by our consultants, customers are also supported in paying for treatment costs by flexible payment methods and installment policies. It will give customers have completely peace of mind to experience the international standard of dental services. Specifically:

  • Pay directly in cash, bank transfer or swipe a payment card.
  • Pay 1 time or more according to the treatment schedule.
  • Installment by credit card of all Banks.

Porcelain Crowns on instalment plan in Da Nang city

Currently, Dana Dental has policies on porcelain crowns in Da Nang city. Customers do not have to worry about excessive costs. We guarantee everyone would have a shining smile. With the association with many banks, customers will be supported extremely quickly to pay by installment on porcelain crowns in Da Nang city. The following are the conditions for participating in the porcelain crowns installment at Dana Dental:

  • Full of documents: Driver’s license, family registration, ID card/Passport,…
  • Clear income certification.
  • Prepay from 10-20% depending on the services.
  • Has a good liquidity history.
  • Pay by installments from 6 – 12 months selected by the customers.

If you would like more information about porcelain crowns in Da Nang city or to make an appointment for direct examination, please contact us immediately via hotline +84 788 588 588

about Porcelain Veneer

Is Porcelain Veneer durable?

The material of the porcelain veneer, the skills of the doctor and the way to care for the teeth after the placing veneer are decisive factors for the quality and durability of the Veneer. If these requirements are met, veneers can last up to 20, even 30 years of good care.

A genuine, high-grade porcelain veneer is bright white, long-lasting and does not discolour or color contamination, and if Veneer is applied in dentistry using high-quality adhesives, it is difficult to separate from real teeth.

The perfect Veneer is not only a high requirement for modern machinery and equipment but also the skill level and expertise of doctors and technicians. A good dentist will calculate the accuracy of the grinding layer reasonably and ensure the aesthetics when choosing the color of the teeth to be the most similar to the real teeth

Is Veneer good?

It is a dental beautification technique with the same function as porcelain crowns, so the question about porcelain Veneer harmful or not is great interest of many customers.

According to experts at Dana Dental, in theory Veneer does not cause any harm to users. Not only that, this is also considered a dental aesthetic method with a lot of advantages.

The Veneer has a shape, size and color that are almost 100% identical to the real teeth. The most striking advantage of this product is its thinness. Porcelain Veneer is only about a few millimeters thick, so this method does not have to grind too much enamel tissue like porcelain crowns.

Do Porcelain Veneer have to be ground?

Porcelain Attaching reality still has to intervene on the teeth and Veneer is no exception. However, the tooth grinding ratio is quite thin, only between 0.3 – 0.6mm tooth surface. In many cases even “non-grinding” , it only need sanding to create a firm hard adhesion of the porcelain veneer to the real teeth.

Do Porcelain Veneer cause bad breath?

It does not cause bad breath. However, if you suffer from bad breath after making Veneer, it may come from the following reasons:

  • Designing porcelain veneer does not match the real tooth ratio, creating gaps that cause food to stick. Bacteria proliferate for a long time, creating unpleasant breath and risk of many other oral pathologies.
  • Improper oral care and hygiene process causes bacteria to proliferate and develop.
  • In addition, in the case of patients with pre-existing but not yet thoroughly treated, the porcelain veneer will make the disease worse.
How much is Porcelain Veneer?

Veneer costs depends on the quality of the porcelain materials, the dental address and the warranty. Therefore, in order to have the most accurate information, patients should look up directly on the website or call the hotline of dentistry for advice.

Since Veneer is an aesthetic dental prosthesis requiring high techniques, the cost is from 6,000,000 VND to 12,000,000 VND a tooth. However, this price may vary depending on the policy of each dental clinic.

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