If you choose a reputable, good quality, good prices Da Nang dental address, you will save money and time. In addition, you are more assured that professional qualifications, techniques or equipment are guaranteed. So where to find a reputable, high-quality dental address in Da Nang?

A little tip for you: Come to Dana Dental – 129 Nguyen Hoang, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city. Here you will be consulted, examined and treated with modern machines and equipment, meeting professional standards for leading Dental services. Do not hesitate any longer without picking up the phone and calling the hotline: for a free consultation.

Why is Dana Dental – Dentistry in Da Nang your best choice?

Dana Dental Clinic was founded in 2022 under direct operation and training of Dr. Pham Minh Tuan with assistance of French dental experts and other superior partners from the US and Swiss. Although newly established, dentist Pham Minh Tuan has over 10 years of experience and succeeded in thousands of treatment cases, especially in orthodontics, dental implantation, cosmetic teeth, root canal treatment, tooth extraction,…

Our mission is to design your smile, give you more confidence and success. Dana Dental Clinic is proud to be one of the most prestigious clinics in Da Nang city with reliable team of high-qualified and experienced dental doctors, which assure the best quality of services. To contribute a professional system of dentistry with high level as developed countries is our vision. Dana Dental Clinic always strive to bring up the best quality services to all the Vietnamese. Become Number 1 in Dentistry in Da Nang with the superior quality.

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The X-ray room at Dana Dental Clinic is both spacious, sophisticated and fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment for the dental treatment of the Doctor, especially for Implant, braces, wisdom tooth extraction. .

  • All medicines and equipment used at Dana Dental are 100% directly imported from well-known and reliable brands from Europe and the United State and preservation is strictly followed with manufacturers’ instruction.
  • Dana Dental Clinic always takes the initiative in actively updating the application of new techniques and strictly adhering to the sterilization process.
  • Dana Dental is the only dental center in Da Nang which has its own laboratory with the most modern equipment and standard production process. This advantage helps directly produce high quality dental porcelain with high precision and endurance, high aesthetic sophistication in a short time and cost savings.
  • Dana Dental Clinic has a suport from team of senior experts from France, the United States, Switzerland with training, new methods and techniques, material updating, giving advice for difficult dental problems.
  • Consultation about your oral health status is offered free of charge at Dana Dental Clinic. Our experience doctors will give you analysis, efficiency and cost of each solution so that you can estimate the cost. The cost of treatment is the most reasonable.
  • Comprehensive Services: From routine cleanings, teeth whitening, orthodontics, to dental implants and general dentistry, Dana Dental Clinic has everything you need to maintain and enhance your oral health.
  • Comfortable Environment: Our friendly and comfortable environment will make you feel right at home. We always listen to and cater to your needs.

Prestigious, Well reviewed Dental Clinic in Da Nang, VietNam

Our dental clinic always receives 5-star reviews from foreign customers

Our dental services include

  • Orthodontics
  • Teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic teeth
  • Dental implantation
  • Root canal treatment / Endodontics
  • Dental cleaning / Periodontics

Dental service prices in Dana Dental – Dentistry in Da Nang

Asthetics dentistry is always a service that customers care mostly. Coming to Dana Dental Clinic, leading experts and a team of professional consultants will help you own a white – bright – healthy smile with the following 8 services:


Dental implants are used to place dentures into the jawbone to replace the roots of the missing teeth. Implant is the process of implanting implant metal frames or implant posts into the jawbone below the gums by minor surgical procedures to replace the lost tooth root. With those outstanding advantages, more and more customers are choosing Implant to regain their inherent confidence when having unexpected tooth loss incidents.

Service Price (VND) Unit
Dio, Hiossen, Dentium Implant Package – Korea 16.000.000 1 Implant
ETK Implant Package – France 20.000.000 1 Implant
Straumann Implant Package – Switzerland 35.000.000 1 Implant

Implant all on 4 and all on 6 full jaw

Dental Implant All on 4 and All on 6 are considered to be the 2 best and most cost-effective techniques for implanting for both jaws nowaday. Comprehensively resolve all the issues related to missing bones, missing teeth in the whole jaw or jaw bone is too weak. Improve pronunciation, restore high aesthetics, and restore chewing function like real teeth and effectively prevent jaw bone loss.

Dana Basic Full Jaw Implants Package 120.000.000 VND 1 Jaw
Dana Advanced Full Jaw Implants  Package 150.000.000 VND 1 Jaw
Dana Premium Full Jaw Implants Package 200.000.000 VND 1 Jaw


According to experts, the leading cause of gingivitis is tartar. Daily oral hygiene with toothpaste practically cannot remove 100% of food, in a period of time, debris will accumulate and form tartar plaque.

Service Price (VND) Unit
Teeth cleaning and polishing periodically 150.000 2 Jaws
Teeth cleaning and polishing 1 time 250.000 2 Jaws
Teeth cleaning and polishing 2 times 350.000 2 Jaws
Simple periodontal pocket treatment 500.000 1 Tooth
Complicated Periodontal pocket treatment 1.200.000 1 Tooth
Surgical treatment of Periodontitis 15.000.000 1 Jaw

Porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth are teeth that have the same shape and color as real teeth. This tooth is created to restore one or more missing or damaged teeth. Porcelain teeth are used as a way to restore defective teeth. The purpose of dentistry is to eat well and have beautiful teeth.

The types of porcelain teeth are very diverse, normally divided into two types of restorations: porcelain veneers and porcelain crown. These two ways to restore porcelain teeth will have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs of each person.

Service Price (VND) Unit
Cr – Co Metal Porcelain Crown 1.500.000 1 Tooth
Titanium Porcelain Crown 2.000.000 1 Tooth
Precious Metal Porcelain Crown 7.500.000 1 Tooth
Cercon HT Zirconia All-ceramic Crowns 4.000.000 1 Tooth
DD.Bio Zirconia All-ceramic Crowns 5.500.000 1 Tooth
IPS Emax Press All-ceramic Crowns 7.000.000 1 Tooth
Zirconia Lava+ 3M All-ceramic Crowns 8.000.000 1 Tooth
Inlay, Onlay Composite 2.000.000 1 Tooth
Inlay – Onlay Porcelain 4.000.000 1 Tooth

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are a method of using an ultra-thin porcelain layer of about 0.2 mm – 0.5 mm. This porcelain veneer will be fixed with a specialized porcelain tooth glue to the outside of the tooth surface to be restored so that it fits the entire crown in the most natural way.

This is considered a new innovation in dental treatment technology for those who overcome the situation of stained and yellow teeth into beautiful, white teeth without wanting to grind a lot of teeth surface.

Service Price (VND) Unit
Digital Smile Design
1.000.000 1 Tooth
IPS Emax Multi Porcelain Veneer
6.000.000 1 Tooth
IPS Emax Press Multi Porcelain Veneer
7.500.000 1 Tooth
Lava+ 3M Porcelain Veneer
8.000.000 1 Tooth

Aesthetics dental fillings

Aesthetics dental filling is a simple dental technique to restore the function of damaged teeth due to chipped teeth, wide teeth, cavities, open gums, etc. This method helps bring back the natural beauty of teeth. maintain chewing function, prevent the reappearance of tooth decay and some other dental problems.

The material used for cosmetic dental fillings is a dental composite combined with photopolymerization or laser light to harden and firmly fix the composite to real teeth.

Service Price (VND) Unit
Cosmetic filling of occlusal molar teeth 200.000 1 Tooth
Cosmetic filling of lateral molar teeth 400.000 1 Tooth
Abrasion Filling 300.000 1 Tooth
Cosmetic filling of anterior teeth 500.000 1 Tooth
Interdental Filling / Surface Filling 800.000 1 Tooth
Pulp Covering 500.000 1 Tooth
Fiber post / Restoring abutment teeth 1.000.000 1 Tooth
Tooth Piercing – Your Jewelry 300.000 1 Tooth
Tooth Piercing – Stone of Dentistry 1.000.000 1 Tooth
Filling baby teeth 150.000 1 Tooth
Apply Verni Flour, Dental Sealants 200.000 1 Tooth

Teeth whitening

Zoom White Speed ​​teeth whitening technology is considered as a new revolution in aethtics dentistry, bringing high efficiency to customers thanks to the powerful activating effect of laser light. Some cases can apply whitening with Zoom White Speed:

  • Teeth discolored from smoking
  • Teeth discolored due to food
  • Teeth are slightly discolored due to antibiotic use
  • All cases want a brighter white tooth color.
Services Price (VND) Unit
Teeth Whitening at home
1.200.000 1 Process Therapy
Teeth Whitening at Dental clinic
2.500.000 1 Process Therapy
Teeth whitening at the clinic and home
3.000.000 1 Process Therapy
Whitening a dead tooth
900.000 1 Tooth
Whitening Trays 400.000 1 Trays
Whitening Gel 300.000 1 Tube

Root canal treatment

The pulp is a system of many nerves and blood vessels located in the middle of the tooth, covered on the outside by enamel and dentin. The pulp is present in both the crown and the root of the tooth. Root canal treatment is the removal of a damaged pulp tissue in the center of the tooth. After removing all diseased, damaged or dead pulp tissue, the space in the middle of the tooth will be cleaned, shaped and filled with a filling to seal the canal.

Services Price (VND) Unit
Root canal treatment of Incisor tooth
500.000 a Tooth
Root canal treatment of Canine and Premolar tooth
800.000 a Tooth
Root canal treatment of Canine and Molar tooth
1.500.000 a Tooth
Root canal treatment of wisdom tooth (Not recommended)
3.000.000 a Tooth
Re-treatment root canal 1.000.000 a Root canal
Root canal treament of baby-tooth 750.000 a Tooth


  • Prices are subjected to be changed without notice.
  • Treatment fee indicated is for the basic cased only and may subject to change depending on the uniqueness of each case.
  • No hidden fees.
  • The exchange rate in the price list is applied at 1 USD = 23 000 VND, 1 AUD = 18 000 VND
  • The cost may be changed due to the changing of exchange rate in each day
  • We accept any currencies such as AUD, USD, CAD… and credit card. However, we would like to receive VND or USD, or using VND or USD is as main base Vs to the other currencies
  • You will be charged 2.85% for service charge if you pay Visa, Master, any credit cards (debit or credit)
  • If there are any extra fees or any changing of treatment plan, we will inform you know before working when we get your permission.
  • Last updated on 11/11/2022

by Nha Khoa Dana

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